Brainshakaz was officially launched as an independent record label in 1997 and released high quality drum&bass vinyl until 2002. The team behind the label were pioneers, as Brainshakaz was both the first drum&bass label in Denmark and the first to reach international recognition. In early 2012, after a ten year break, a majority of the original team behind Brainshakaz decided to relaunch the label into the digital age. Now Brainshakaz pushes forward not only quality drum&bass but also embraces new genres such as dubstep, as it adheres to what we like to call fat and funky beats with an edge.
Contact Info:
Matthew Took (DK) - Founder, Managing Director
Thomas Lykke Petersen (DK) - Founder, Label Manager
Kasper Petersen (DK) - Promotions, A&R

Gl. Silkeborgvej 13
DK-8920 Randers NV

Managing director: Matthew Took
VAT Identification Number: 34148449
Corporate ID (CVR): 34148449
District Court: Randers, Denmark


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
BSHAKA001 Come To Me  album cover High Frequency (7) Come To Me(3xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA001 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA002 Prey  album cover Criminal Intent (3) Prey(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA002 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA003 Dreams Of Arabia  album cover Slade Templeton Dreams Of Arabia(3xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA003 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA004 Breath Control  album cover Braincrack Breath Control(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA004 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA005 Off The Hook  album cover The Bitrebelz Off The Hook(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA005 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA006 Sleipnir  album cover Hostile Entity Sleipnir BSHAKA006 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA007 Took My Love  album cover Kragen* Took My Love(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA007 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA008 On The Run  album cover Criminal Intent (3) & Dreadnought (4) Criminal Intent (3) & Dreadnought (4) - On The Run(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA008 Denmark 2012
BSHAKA009 Bad Business  album cover Braincrack Bad Business(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA009 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA010 Frygt  album cover SubYourself Frygt(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA010 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA011 Smoke Signal  album cover Criminal Intent (3) Smoke Signal(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA011 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA012 Falling Down  album cover Dreadnought (4) Falling Down(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA012 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA013 Bad Business (Remix EP)  album cover Braincrack Bad Business (Remix EP)(3xFile, FLAC, EP) Brainshakaz BSHAKA013 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA014 Eurothug  album cover TETRAKord Eurothug(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA014 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA015 Gradighed  album cover SubYourself Gradighed(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA015 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA016 Clickety Clock  album cover Dulcet Tonez Clickety Clock(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA016 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA017 Bad Souls  album cover Braincrack Bad Souls(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA017 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA018 Save Me  album cover Dreadnought (4) Save Me(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA018 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA019 Hide And Seek  album cover Criminal Intent (3) Hide And Seek(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA019 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA020 Bomberne Falder  album cover SubYourself & Don Midass SubYourself & Don Midass - Bomberne Falder(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA020 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA021 Subterranean  album cover Faun Dation Subterranean(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA021 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA022 Lone Wolf  album cover Dreadnought (4) Lone Wolf(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA022 Denmark 2013
BSHAKA023 Graadighed (VIP Mix)  album cover SubYourself Graadighed (VIP Mix)(File, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA023 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA024 The Chemists  album cover Tomtek & TETRAKord Tomtek & TETRAKord - The Chemists BSHAKA024 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA025 Nu Vaekker Vi Danmark  album cover SubYourself Nu Vaekker Vi Danmark(12xFile, FLAC, Album) Brainshakaz BSHAKA025 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA026 The Gun  album cover Faun Dation The Gun(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA026 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA027 Deal With The Devil  album cover Braincrack Deal With The Devil(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Brainshakaz BSHAKA027 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA028 Lone Wolf (Remixed)  album cover Dreadnought (4) Lone Wolf (Remixed)(3xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA028 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA029 Trial By Fire  album cover Modborger Trial By Fire(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA029 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA030 Cold Fusion  album cover Dreadnought (4) Cold Fusion(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA030 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA031 Outbreak  album cover Primal Instinct (2) Outbreak(3xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA031 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA032 Super Scientific  album cover Faun Dation Super Scientific(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA032 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA033 Gibberish  album cover RA:SKL Gibberish(2xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA033 Denmark 2014
BSHAKA034 Deal With The Devil Remixed  album cover Braincrack Deal With The Devil Remixed(3xFile, FLAC) Brainshakaz BSHAKA034 Denmark 2014
BSHAKADB01 Decibel - Level 1  album cover Various Decibel - Level 1 (Comp) BSHAKADB01 Denmark 2013 Sell This Version
BSHAKADB02 Decibel - Level 2  album cover Various Decibel - Level 2(CD, Comp) Brainshakaz BSHAKADB02 Denmark 2014 Sell This Version
BSHAKADB03 Decibel - Level 3  album cover Various Decibel - Level 3(CD, Comp) Brainshakaz BSHAKADB03 Denmark 2015 Sell This Version
BSHAKAR01 Retrospective, Vol. 1  album cover Various Retrospective, Vol. 1(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Brainshakaz BSHAKAR01 Denmark 2015
SHAKA003 Stasis / Liquid Sky  album cover Mayhem (7) / Mad-E Mayhem (7) / Mad-E - Stasis / Liquid Sky(12", Single) Brainshakaz SHAKA003 Denmark 2002 Sell This Version
SHAKA004 Sweet July Jam / Stylez  album cover Fanu / Realsmokers Fanu / Realsmokers - Sweet July Jam / Stylez(12", Single) Brainshakaz SHAKA004 Denmark 2002 Sell This Version
SHAKAP001 Escape From Myself / Spirit  album cover Mad-E Escape From Myself / Spirit(12", Single) Brainshakaz SHAKAP001 Denmark 1999 Sell This Version
SHAKAP002 Mad-E Velvet Connection (Single) SHAKAP002 Denmark 2000 Sell This Version