Aka M or M-Series.
The name of this label is tentative. It never had a proper name and most releases were shrouded in mystery. Since all releases feature an "M" (sometimes highly stylized), it is also often referred to as M. The name "Maurizio" is used here in relation to the main artist on these (though also not credited).

The releases do not really have catalog numbers. For M4 to M7 the releases were numbered in their titles, so the catalog numbers are assigned after these titles (as can easily be seen below). The first three releases have their 'catalog numbers' assigned in order of appearance. The original EFA release of the CD didn't feature any catalog number besides the distributor's, as well, 'M-CD' is only given to fit it in with the rest.

Official catalog numbers can be found on the labels homepage, which (retrospect) refers to the label as M-Series.
Parent Label:


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
01 Ploy  album cover Maurizio Ploy(3xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 01 Germany 2012
02 Lyot  album cover Vainqueur Lyot(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 02 Germany 2012
03 Domina  album cover Maurizio Domina(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 03 Germany 2012
04 M-4  album cover Maurizio M-4(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 04 Germany 2012
05 M-5  album cover Maurizio M-5(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 05 Germany 2012
06 M-6  album cover Maurizio M-6(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 06 Germany 2012
04.5 M-4.5  album cover Maurizio M-4.5(2xFile, AIFF, RE) Maurizio 04.5 Germany 2012
M-1 Ploy  album cover Måuriziö* Ploy M-1 Germany 1992 Sell This Version
M-2 Lyot  album cover Vainqueur Lyot M-2 Germany 1992 Sell This Version
M-3 Domina  album cover Maurizio Domina M-3 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
M-4 M4  album cover Maurizio M4 M-4 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
M-5 M5  album cover Maurizio M5 M-5 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
M-6 M6  album cover Maurizio M6 M-6 Germany 1996 Sell This Version
M-7 M7  album cover Maurizio M7 M-7 Germany 1997 Sell This Version
M-4.5 M4.5  album cover Maurizio M4.5 M-4.5 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
M-CD Maurizio  album cover Maurizio Maurizio (Comp) M-CD Germany 1997 Sell This Version

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February 1, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
I STILL listen to the Maurizio releases regularly. M3 through to 4.5 just kill it for me. There are no words really.

I've noticed that the colored represses sound crap though.


July 13, 2012
M4-M7 is some of the most hypnotic, addicting, and solid dub techno I own. For a record from 1995 to still rock my world more than 10 years later says something. I'll never forget many years ago when I picked up M-5 in a local record shop (now gone, of course) how the guy put the record in a plastic sleeve and said "out of respect." I'm still waiting for this library to be released in a remastered .wav format like the Basic Channel set was. Either way, Maurizio is the benchmark for dub techno in my opinion. Nothing comes close other than Deepchord.


July 25, 2004
edited over 17 years ago
This is the most original and organic techno since juan atkins and others made their way in the mid 80's. It's hypnotic minimalism has never been reperoduced, Definitely something from the other world !

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