Basic Channel

Basic Channel

Legendary techno-dub label from Berlin, closed in 1995, followed by Chain Reaction.

The colour editions are the first-run pressings.
The black vinyl editions are the standard pressings.
The clear marble editions (issued in 2003) are the 10 Year Anniversary releases.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
#101 / N°10 Groove #101 / N°10 (Don't Play)  album cover Various Groove #101 / N°10 (Don't Play)(CD, Comp) Groove #101 / N°10 Europe 2006 Sell This Version
487565 2 Mix-Up Vol. 5  album cover Derrick May Mix-Up Vol. 5(CD, Comp, Mixed) S3 487565 2 Europe 1997 Sell This Version
7243 8484912 2 Decks, EFX & 909  album cover Richie Hawtin Decks, EFX & 909(CD, Mixed) Labels, Labels, NovaMute 7243 8484912 2 Europe 1999 Sell This Version
ASP2019 The Versions  album cover Rhythm & Sound The Versions(CD, Comp) Asphodel, Asphodel ASP2019 US 2003 Sell This Version
BC 01 Enforcement  album cover Cyrus Enforcement BC 01 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
BC 02 Phylyps Trak  album cover Basic Channel Phylyps Trak BC 02 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
BC 03 Lyot Rmx  album cover Basic Channel Lyot Rmx BC 03 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
BC 04 Q 1.1  album cover Basic Channel Q 1.1 BC 04 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
BC 05 Inversion  album cover Cyrus Inversion BC 05 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
BC 06 Quadrant Dub  album cover Basic Channel Quadrant Dub BC 06 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
BC 07 Octagon / Octaedre  album cover Basic Channel Octagon / Octaedre BC 07 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
BC 08 Radiance  album cover Basic Channel Radiance BC 08 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
BC 09 Phylyps Trak II  album cover Basic Channel Phylyps Trak II BC 09 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
BC-BR Basic Reshape  album cover Paperclip People Basic Reshape BC-BR Germany 2004 Sell This Version
BC-CD Q-Loop  album cover Basic Channel Q-Loop BC-CD Germany 2014 Sell This Version
BCD BCD  album cover Basic Channel BCD (Comp) BCD Germany 1995 Sell This Version
BCD-2 BCD-2  album cover Basic Channel BCD-2(CD, Comp) Basic Channel BCD-2 Germany 2008 Sell This Version
BC-QD Infinition / Hyperprism  album cover Quadrant Infinition / Hyperprism BC-QD Germany 2004 Sell This Version
CORMIX005 In The Mix: Taka Taka  album cover Ricardo Villalobos In The Mix: Taka Taka(CD, Mixed) Cocoon Recordings CORMIX005 Germany Unknown Sell This Version
!K7122CD Groovetechnology v1.3  album cover Swayzak Groovetechnology v1.3(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) !K7 Records, Groovetech Records !K7122CD Germany 2002 Sell This Version
!K7122 LP Groovetechnology v1.3  album cover Swayzak Groovetechnology v1.3(2xLP, Comp) !K7 Records, Groovetech Records !K7122 LP Germany 2002 Sell This Version
NoMu 43 LP Tresor 3 (Three)  album cover Various Tresor 3 (Three)(2x12" + 12" + Comp, Ltd) NovaMute, NovaMute NoMu 43 LP UK 1995 Sell This Version
om-060vlp San Francisco Sessions Volume 3: DJ Garth  album cover Various San Francisco Sessions Volume 3: DJ Garth(3x12", Comp) OM Records, OM Records om-060vlp US 2000 Sell This Version
RS 94036 CD In Order To Dance 5  album cover Various In Order To Dance 5(2xCD, Comp) R & S Records RS 94036 CD Belgium 1994 Sell This Version
Tresor.63 Tresor.4 - Solid  album cover Various Tresor.4 - Solid(CD, Comp + CD, Comp, Mixed) Tresor Tresor.63 Germany 1997 Sell This Version
Tresor. 142 The Button Down Mind Of Daniel Bell  album cover Daniel Bell The Button Down Mind Of Daniel Bell(CD, Mixed) Tresor Tresor. 142 Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Tresor 200 Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks  album cover Scion Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks Tresor 200 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
W-001 African Roots Act 1  album cover Various African Roots Act 1(LP, Album, RE, RM) Wackie's, Basic Channel W-001 Germany 2002 Sell This Version

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March 21, 2018
This label looks a mess now, should those releases show up here like that?


June 6, 2015
I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of electronic music labels that have continually kept repressing their entire back catalog for two decades, with an ongoing demand that has not dwindled since the imprint's inception. Basic Channel belongs there. Not only that, but the relevance these pieces of wax hold is constant and solid, now as ever before.

Many have tried imitating, none have succeeded. With about a dozen releases, the blueprint was set for more styles and directions than anyone would bother counting today. However, the point of the matter isn't really the amount of material released, it's the quality. It is just how iconic every one of these vinyls is. They are all classics. Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald might have had a few missteps. Some things worked better than others, but then again, that is a characteristic of a true artist. You move and make one move. But the material released as Basic Channel is peerless. Timeless. Forward thinking techno cuts that evoke the fondest memories of yesterday whilst keeping widely open the window of tomorrow.

All that taken into consideration, despite the fact I am not the most ardent and die hard follower of theirs, I am yet to regret owning a single Basic Channel release. I don't even indulge a craving for the dub techno aesthetic, but narrowing this label's output to the term "dub techno" would be a misconception. I guess I should know that, because in many ways, this 'dub' tag made me cling on to this label relatively late. Better late than never they say.

Wonderful thing was walking into the legendary Hardwax record store in Berlin, Germany, some time mid November 2013, and purchasing the releases I was still missing in order to complete the discography. Boy the feeling. Completing a cult label, and doing it in a shop where it all started. I seriously felt like I had come full circle, music wise that is. Something nice and warm got hold of me all of a sudden.

The hype is real. This is one of the most important, dominant, quality ridden techno stables ever. The range of moods and ideas displayed on such a small amount of records can hardly be paralleled in contemporary electronic music. Most records labels could easily call it a day if they released five vinyls this good in their entire lifespan. Here, you have about ten pieces of wax, all of them by the same production duo, all of them classics.

You should seriously consider yourself lucky that the people behind these masterpieces hear the word of the street, and enable every new generation to enjoy their music. Just look at it this way: if it wasn't good, it would have never kept on hitting the shelves for as long as it did, and most importantly, it would have never kept a rectilinear relevance throughout the years, despite of trends and frequent changes within the techno community. Seriously now, completing this label will make you feel better, and you won't have to spend a fortune either. As stated many times before, it's not about the quantity...


August 8, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
This music can never be outdone or surpassed. I heard some of the successors that followed these leaders.. Not even close, even if some of them are good.
Basic Channel was/is innovative techno music. These days, one can only imagine the feeling when these records reached the clubs and audiences at the time. A major change of techno. The anger and sadness in these records, i mean.. Never has so "cold" music expressed such a variety of feelings.
Legendary! And still being pressed for new ears even to this day. Sometime thats all you need in life. A label with a handfull of releases that changed you mind and perception about music.


March 26, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
The music & artwork is superb & iconic, as others have said.
What I'd like to know is when are their T-shirts going to be available again?
They've been "coming soon" for about 2-3 years.


September 3, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
These are the pioneers of clustering minimal techno/house rhythms into dubby environment. Anyone who had listen to B.C. tracks (especially those collected as legendary "Basic Channel" CD) will appreciate the crew's stunning efforts and creativity in making something which will later become a 'Basic Channel' genre. Generally unclassifiable but always recognizable, von Oswald & Ernestus became one of the few landmarks in electronica scene. I found this hidden treasure while listening to one of the TRESOR editions, where Oswald appeared with Thomas Fehlmann, behind the self-titled track "Schizophrenia"; just listen to those shimmering sounds and you'll know why B.C enjoys the status of techno-dub-ambient superstars. If only I could get a chance to watch them alive!


August 22, 2002
this label was my first real introduction to minimal and dubby techno. the phylyps trak and quadrant dub ep's did it for me and still both remain all time classics to me. basic channel was a heavy influence on me and still is today. the label has raised a sort of standard that few can rival. they pushed the boundaries of sound and influenced a whole genre of music. i love pretty much everything associated with basic channel, as well as chain reaction and burial mix stuff. this music is in a classification all its own. solid music that will remain timeless in my opinion.


March 4, 2002
Well, this is THE label which puts dub and techno together
in a singularly way. Things are changing slowly in a kind of monotone & minimal beat, dub elements will appear and disappear. An acoustic experience for those who loves this music. Avantgarde. Listen also Maurizio, Burial Mix, Chain Reaction...

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