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Compilations of (mostly) French singers big hits, issued on cassettes, CDs, VHS, DVDs.
Mostly released for the French market but there are also a few Belgian and Canadian releases.
Not to be confused with Master Series (3)

Different design and label for French releases:
. From 1987, 'Master Serie' horizontal on top of a black front cover as on Tri Yann - Master Serie, label is PolyGram Distribution
. From 1991, 'Master Serie' vertical on right part of a black front cover as on Serge Lama - Master Serie Vol. 2, label is PolyGram Distribution
. From 1998, 'Master Serie' in red characters on a white background as on Claude François - Master Serie Vol. 3, label is Podis (or Universal from 1999)
. From 2003, 'Master Serie' on a red background at bottom of the front cover as on Marie Laforêt - Marie Laforêt, labels are Universal (or Universal Music France from 2006), and U.L.M TV Market
. From 2009, 'Master Serie' in white and red characters on a red and black background as on Stephan Eicher - Master Serie, labels are Universal Music France and original label (Barclay, Mercury, ...)

Up to 1997, Canadian and Belgian releases have same design but different labels: PolyGram and / or original labels Polydor, Philips, Barclay, Mercury ... instead of PolyGram Distribution.

Belgian releases are compilations of Belgian singers big hits. 1999-2000 Belgian releases have different design (as on Jan De Wilde - Het Beste Van Jan De Wilde) and label Universal. 2005 Belgian releases are on label Universal Music Belgium

VHS releases were issued on label Polygram Video

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