French label, also known as Boîte à musique, La boîte à musique or Disques BAM.
BAM publishing house is Éditions de la Boîte à Musique.

Established in the early 1950s for jazz, classical and French vocal music on 78 rpm and micro-groove records.
In 1969, Roger Creange, director of Discodis, and Lucien Morisse, president and general manager of Disc'Az, and Levi Alvares, president and owner of BAM Records, have announced the acquisition of BAM Records by Disc'Az.

Main series began with 1 to 45609, the C from 102 to 85092, the LD from 1 to 6022, the EX from 200 to 1500, the V from 501 to 509.
BAM had a sub-label called Cycnus which numbering goes from CALB 1 to CALB 62. Some records also had the prefix CYCNUS 30 CM for 12" and CYCNUS 60 CS for 60 minute cassettes.

Parent Label:Disc'Az
Sublabels:" La Boîte À Musique ", Anthologie De La Musique Populaire Marocaine, Collection "Chansons Poétiques", Collection Littéraire, Cycnus, Disques Alvarès, Édition AZ, Éditions De La Boîte À Musique, Folklore Et Musiques De L'Univers, L'Inde Mystique, ...
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133 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris

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