Founded in 1988 as a subversive cassette-only label, by cryptozenarchist DJ Batman (Nicola Battista, from Pescara, Italy), Kutmusic Italhouse (the label claiming to give birth to the true Italian house sound back in late eighties) surfaced on the indie label market during the 90's with vinyl, cd and cd-r releases and also collaborations with fellow labels for compilations. Online since 1995 and in the digital music market since 1998 (ten years from the start of the underground activity), Kutmusic now focuses primarily on electronica in all forms (ambient, house, dance, techno, jungle, d'n'b...).

Since the presence in the Internet music market also caused Kutmusic to attract artists from every style (from post-rock and lo-fi to soundtracks and even pop), all the non-electronic releases are now handled under the brand Ecl3ctic (which is also the name for a music portal, pointing to Kutmusic / Ecl3ctic artist pages all over the 'Net and also providing services to third-party labels and independent artists).

Both labels have digital distribution through services like EMusic, MP3.com, IUMA and Vitaminic.

Kutmusic and Ecl3ctic points of presence can be regularly found in events such as the Meeting of Independent Labels held every year in Faenza, Italy.

Kutmusic is a member of independent label association Audiocoop; as a music publisher, Kutmusic Italhouse is a member of MCPS for mechanical rights protection and IMRO for performance rights.

Nicola Battista - A&R and Label Manager - is a member of SOS (Sindacato Operatori dello Spettacolo) and (as a writer/composer) of IMRO.


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
KCOMP03 Various 30 Downtempo & Trip-Hop Anthems(30xFile, AAC, Comp, 256) Kutmusic KCOMP03 Italy 2014
KE010 Hanibal* Sunson(CD, EP) Kutmusic KE010 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
KE011 Ursel Nordkreuz(CD, Album) Kutmusic KE011 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
KE015 Hanibal Eu Selected Works 2003-2013(File, MP3, WAV, Album) Kutmusic KE015 USA, Canada & Europe 2014
KE023 Joyello Glad 4 Magenta(2xFile, AIFF, Single) Kutmusic KE023 Italy 2014
KE024 Ursel Blind slaves of invisible masters(File, MP3, WMV, Album) Kutmusic KE024 USA, Canada & Europe 2014
KE026 Joyello beat.(11xFile, AIFF, Album) Kutmusic KE026 Italy 2015
KE027 Bela Banhegyi Morning Ambience(File, MP3, Maxi) Kutmusic KE027 Italy 2015
KE029 Danesh 1999(11xFile, Album) Kutmusic KE029 Italy 2015
KE030 Art Erios Duemilaventicinque(File, MP3, EP) Kutmusic KE030 Italy 2015
KE031 Frank Sinapsi, Francesco Cusa, Enrico Merlin Frank Sinapsi, Francesco Cusa, Enrico Merlin - That Voice From Space(CD, Album, Dig) Kutmusic KE031 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
KE032 Pugaciov sulla Luna featuring Enrico Merlin Pugaciov sulla Luna featuring Enrico Merlin - John Coltrane Twisting Blues(File, Single) Kutmusic KE032 2016
KE033 Pugaciov sulla Luna Testa di Cristallo(File, Single) Kutmusic KE033 Italy 2016
KE034 RADAR (18) Plastic People(File, MP3, Single) Kutmusic KE034 Italy 2016
KE035 Furoris Causa Snow in the Park(File, MP3, Single) Kutmusic KE035 Italy 2016
KE036 Niù Abdominaux Dangereux Ghosts (Remaster 2016)(10xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album, RM) Kutmusic KE036 Italy 2016
KE037 Rufus Penta Compensation(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Kutmusic KE037 Italy 2016
KE038 Kites Underwater Data to Sod(File, Single) Kutmusic KE038 Italy 2016
KE039 Neu Abdominaux Dangereux* M.R. Go Home!(File, MP3, Single) Kutmusic KE039 Italy 2016
KE040 RADAR (18) re-pop(File, MP3 + CD, Album) Kutmusic KE040 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
KE041 Vincenzo Grossi, Bindo Cozzolino, Luigi Di Giampietro Vincenzo Grossi, Bindo Cozzolino, Luigi Di Giampietro - Home Sweet Home(CDr, Album + File, MP3) Kutmusic KE041 Italy 2017 Sell This Version
KE042 Ursel Ursel(File, MP3, WAV, Album) Kutmusic KE042 USA, Canada & Europe 2017
KE043 Neu Abdominaux Dangereux* Post Kali Yuga(CD, Album, dig + File, MP3, Album) Kutmusic KE043 Italy 2017 Sell This Version
KE044 La Compagnia Del Trivelìn Nella Terra Dei Frippi(CD, Album) Kutmusic KE044 Italy 2018 Sell This Version
KE049 Joyello Salut(3xFile, AIFF, Single) Kutmusic KE049 Italy 2017
KEX002 Peluqueria Hernandez Tinto Bruna Non Avrai Il Mio Scalpo(File, AIFF, MP3, EP) Kutmusic KEX002 Italy 2015
KEX003 Peluqueria Hernandez Mamboo(CD, Album) Kutmusic KEX003 Italy 2016 Sell This Version
KEX004 Peluqueria Hernandez Solo (Versiòn Especial en Español) / Aqui Como Alla(2xFile, MP3, Single) Kutmusic KEX004 Italy 2016
KFC 0023 The Beatles She Loves You / Twist And Shout(CD, Single) Kutmusic KFC 0023 Italy 2014 Sell This Version
KIT007 Dogs Love Company Mare Maje(File, MP3, Single) Kutmusic KIT007 Italy 2017
KIT008 Dogs Love Company Ballate Folk ed Altre Storie(CD, EP) Kutmusic KIT008 Italy Unknown Sell This Version
KSP01 R.R.SP. Project Progetto Etnico(CD) Kutmusic KSP01 Italy 2004 Sell This Version
KSP02 Various Tiankoura(CD) Kutmusic KSP02 Italy 2004 Sell This Version
KSP03 Groove Squared & Paolo Achenza Groove Squared & Paolo Achenza - The Single(CD, Maxi) Kutmusic KSP03 Italy 2004 Sell This Version
KSP04 R.R.SP. Project Tributo all'Africa(CD) Kutmusic KSP04 Italy 2005 Sell This Version
KSP05 Various Maison De La Culture(CD, Comp) Kutmusic KSP05 Italy 2005 Sell This Version
KSP06 DJ Brahms Tempo(CD, Album, dig) Kutmusic KSP06 Italy 2009 Sell This Version
KSP08 Hyapatia Lee & W4IK Hyapatia Lee & W4IK - Double Euphoric(CD, Album) Kutmusic KSP08 US 2010 Sell This Version
KSP09 Miklos Vajda Homecoming(CD, Album) Kutmusic KSP09 Italy 2011 Sell This Version
KUT001 Modra Stjerne Cruelness(CD, Maxi) Kutmusic KUT001 Italy 1998 Sell This Version
KUT008 Altered Sounds Loopin' Guitars(CD, Album) Kutmusic KUT008 Italy 1998 Sell This Version
KUT017 Luigi Restuccia NewDemo 1(CD) Kutmusic KUT017 Italy 1998 Sell This Version
KUT019 Luigi Restuccia nd2 98.99(CD) Kutmusic KUT019 Italy 1999 Sell This Version
KUT023 Shadrach La Tua Faccia / Soli(CD, Maxi) Kutmusic KUT023 US 1999 Sell This Version
KUT028 Luigi Restuccia nd3 Overload99(CD) Kutmusic KUT028 Italy 1999 Sell This Version
KUT032 LadyGodiva's Operation Nine Unmissed Operations(CD) Kutmusic KUT032 Italy 2001 Sell This Version
KUT042 Piernicola Di Muro Kircher(CD) Kutmusic KUT042 Italy Unknown Sell This Version
KUT049 Piernicola Di Muro Amleto(CD) Kutmusic KUT049 Italy 2001 Sell This Version
KUT051 Paco Dj ...Any Doubt Funk?(CD) Kutmusic KUT051 Italy 2002 Sell This Version
KUT054 Trio Ereb Ereb(CD) Kutmusic KUT054 US 2002 Sell This Version
KUT7001 PCUS Bambina / Religion(7") Kutmusic KUT7001 Italy 2001 Sell This Version
KUT12001 Gizmo (2) Picnic / Latex(12") Kutmusic KUT12001 Italy 2000 Sell This Version
none Charlie Parker & Chet Baker Charlie Parker & Chet Baker - Bird And Chet At The Trade Winds(CD, Album) Kutmusic none US 2008 Sell This Version