Note: EDC started their operations no earlier than 2005. Many represses on Universal owned labels have the original artwork showing a date before 2005, please beware that these may be reissues or represses. For assistance with this, consult the guidelines. If in doubt, please ask in the 'adding and updating' forums.

Please use this profile where EDC appears in the matrix or mould/hub without stating a location or where it is directly credited as "EDC" elsewhere on the release. For releases which state "Made in Germany by EDC", please use EDC, Germany. For releases made in the USA, please use EDC, USA.

Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH (EDC) was the largest, fully integrated optical disc manufacturing and distribution site in Europe with head office in New York. EDC was established in 2005 following the acquisition of the manufacturing and distribution facilities of the Universal Music Group. The predecessor for this entry was Universal M & L, Germany.

The company became insolvent and its assets were to be auctioned in May and June 2017.

Matrix patterns:
0XXXX XXX XXX-X 0X [°] XXXXXXXX (apparently on releases manufactured for Universal Music Group and its labels/companies)
0XXXX XXXXX XXX 0X [°] XXXXXXXX (apparently on releases for other labels/companies/clients)

Mastering SID codes and corresponding mid-matrix digit:
[°] = - IFPI LV26
[°] = + - IFPI LV27 (or, rarely: IFPI L008)
[°] = # - IFPI LZ87 (or, rarely: IFPI L008)
[°] = P - no Mastering SID Code available

Mould SID codes pattern:

Furthermore, many pressings show "Made in Germany by EDC" (on newer releases in capital letters) and a letter ranging from A to Z on the opposite site of the sentence in the inner CD ring. There are pirate pressings which pretend to be an EDC pressing; often, these CDs omit this sentence and/or the Mould SID Code and can therefore be identified. Ask in the forums if in doubt.
While "Made in Germany by EDC" usually doesn't appear on CDs pressed for non-Universal based clients, the aforementioned letter is present most of times, but there are exceptions.

If the aforementioned matrix patterns DO NOT appear on a release which mentions EDC in matrix, but show a different styled one, check if it's manufactured by
EDC Blackburn Ltd.
Contact Info:
Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH
Emil-Berliner-Straße 13 [defunct]
D-30851 Langenhagen
Phone: +49 (0) 511 972 0
Fax: +49 (0) 511 972 1355
Email: info.de@edcllc.com