One of Germany's oldest private recording studio. Studio Nord Bremen was founded in 1966 by Wolfgang Roloff as a recording studio in a cellar pub that belongs to a hotel. In 1968 he bought the "Tanzcafe Haus Niedersachsen" in Bremen and rebuilt it to a recording studio. In the 1970s a cutting machine was bought so vinyl mastering was possible. Since the 1980s the sound engineer Bernd Steinwedel did most of the recordings. With the deaths of Wolfgang Roloff and Bernd Steinwedel in 2011 Studio Nord Bremen paused a short time but was reanimated by Oliver Sroweleit and Gregor Hennig in 2013.
Sometimes given as Studio-Nord or Kaffeehaus Niedersachsen.

Mastering and lacquer cutting engineers were Bernd Steinwedel, now Gregor Hennig, Oliver Sroweleit and Pascal El Sauaf.

When submitting a release that shows "SNB" in the vinyl runouts, please add a company: Lacquer Cut At - Studio-Nord-Bremen.
When submitting a release that shows "Mastered by SNB", or "Digital Mastering by SNB" in the vinyl runouts, please add a company: Lacquer Cut At - Studio-Nord-Bremen and Mastered At - Studio-Nord-Bremen

Sublabels:Disco 030, SNB Music, SNB-Music
Contact Info:

Mühlenfeldstr. 23
28355 Bremen

Phone: 0421 259291
Fax: 0421 259208
E-mail: [email protected]


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