London Records Of Canada (1967) Ltd.


Canadian distributor and company, active from 1967 to 1979. Under the direction of Fraser C. Jamieson, with head offices in Montréal. Succeeded London Records Of Canada Ltd. (active from 1948 to 1967). Also known as London Records (1967) Ltd.

London had their own pressing facility in Montréal, which was in operation from 1975 until 1980. In addition to their own releases, London pressed for Polydor Ltd. (2), PolyGram Inc., numerous independent labels, and occasionally WEA Music Of Canada, Ltd.. London pressings are quite distinctive in appearance, and can be easily identified despite the absence of any pressing plant ID.
The most immediate way to recognize a 12"/LP London pressing is the use of slightly smaller labels with a 92mm/3.6" diameter, normally found only on 7" releases. Runouts have "1Y" and "2Y" stamped in them. Typesetting usually involves the News Gothic Condensed and News Gothic Condensed Bold typefaces, which can also be used to identify 7" pressings.
Example of a Casablanca 12" release pressed by London, using the 7" label design: Giorgio Moroder - Chase
Example of a Polydor LP release pressed by London, using the 7" label design: Orient Express (4) - A Desert Fantasy

London pressings for WEA Music Of Canada, Ltd. do not have any pressing plant ID and use the regular LP label designs, but they are smaller than other plants (92mm diameter) and have London's usual typesetting with the News Gothic Condensed/News Gothic Condensed Bold typefaces.
Example of a Warner Bros. Records release pressed by London: Candi Staton - House Of Love
Example of an Atlantic release pressed by London: ABBA - Voulez-Vous

London also had their own tape manufacturing and duplication facility, which was one of the largest in Canada.

Parent Label:The Decca Record Company Limited
Sublabels:Deram Limited
Contact Info:

6265 Cote De Liesse
St. Laurent, P.Q.
H4T 1C3
(contact info now obsolete)


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