American mastering studio located in Peekskill, New York, operating under this name since 1973. Previously known as Mercury Records Mastering. The studio offers CD, DVD and vinyl mastering services as well as lacquer and DMM cutting.

In 1975, the label decided to opt out of the studio business and sold the Masterdisk division to medical equipment company OCG Technology Inc.
In 1982, Doug Levine bought Masterdisk.
In February 1986, Masterdisk started with DMM cutting (next to still cutting lacquers).
In 1990, Masterdisk acquired its new location, comprising the entire 5th floor of its Manhattan building. In 2008, mastering engineer Scott Hull (2) bought Masterdisk.

Cuts can usually be recognized by a stamped MASTERDISK in the runouts, please credit with Lacquer Cut At. When accompanied by DMM, use Mastered At (usually the identifier is etched then). The cutting engineers usually signed with their initials, please credit with Lacquer Cut By/Direct Metal Mastering By depending on the context.

Also appears on releases as:
· Master Disc
· Master Disk
· Masterdisc
· Masterdisk Inc.
· Masterdisk Studios
· Masterdisk, N.Y.C.
· Masterdisk, NYC
· Master-disk N.Y.C.
· Masterdisk, New York
· N.Y. Masterdisk

Chief mastering engineer: Scott Hull (2) (SH).

Mastering engineers that have worked here include (followed by their runout initials):
Alan Moy ()
Alex DeTurk (AD)
Andy VanDette
Bob Ludwig (RL)
Bill Kipper (BK)
Chris Rocco
Dave Crawford (2) (DC)
Drew Anderson
Drew Cappotto
Glenn Berger
Greg Calbi (GC)
Gilbert Kong (GK)
Graham Goldman (GG)
Greg Fulginiti (GF)
Howie Weinberg (HW)
Jean Dyer (JD)
Jeff Reeves
Jeremy Lubsey (JL)
Joe Gastwirt (JG)
Joe Scariza (JS)
Leon Zervos (LZ)
Matt Shane (2)
Matthew Agoglia
Mark Santangelo (MS)
Mike Tucci
Marcos Sueiro Bal
Phil Austin (pa)
Randy Merrill
Scott Hull (2) (SH)
Tim Boyce (2)
Tony Dawsey (TD)
Vlado Meller

Other engineers/technicians that have worked here include: Don Cuminale, Chris Muth.

Parent Label:Masterdisk Corp.
Sublabels:Masterdisk Europe
Contact Info:

8 John Walsh Blvd Suite 411
Peekskill, NY 10562
Phone: 212-541-5022

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