A&R Studios


Recording studio in New York City, USA.
For the record label, please see A & R Recording.
Please, consider also A & R Recording, Inc. if credited that way on the release (located in 421 7th Avenue).
A&R Recording was a major independent studio recording company founded by Jack Arnold and producer Phil Ramone in 1958. A&R's equipment, most of it custom-built, was largely on wheels to facilitate movement from one studio to the next. The floors were made of a hard-looking but soft-feeling combination of concrete and vermiculite. Burt Bacharach called the studio his recording home through much of the 1960s (where he produced Dionne Warwick, among others). From the 1970s there were four studios, two studios in each building, two in 7th Avenue (called A-1 and A2) and two in 48th Avenue (called R-1 and R-2; R-1 was Phil Ramone's room, he did most of his work there). One room at each location had a Neve and one room at each location had an Mci 500. A&R closed in 1989.

Also appears on releases as:
- A & R Studios
- A&R Recording
- A & R Recording, Inc.
- A&R Recording, Inc., New York City
- A&R Recording Studio
- A & R Recording Studio
- A and R Recording Studio
- A&R Recording Studios
- A & R Recording Studios
- A & R Studios, New York City
- A and R Recording Studios
- A&R Studios, N.Y.C.
- A & R Recording, N.Y.
- A & R Recorders, New York

Engineers known to have worked there:
- Dave Sanders in the late 1960s and early 1970s
- Don Hahn
- David Greene in early 1970s
- Fred Weinberg
- Ollie Cotton in the 1980s
- Ed Rice
- Gary Roth
- Tony May
- David Scott (6)
- Josiah Gluck
- Stan Wallace
- Chaz Clifton
- Bob Ludwig
- Jay Messina (mastering)

Contact Info:

A&R Recording
322 West 48 Street
New York City
New York 10036-1308

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