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For the similarly named studio NOT AFFILIATED with Atlantic Records or WEA, please see Atlantic Sound Studios.

Recording and mastering studio of Atlantic Records. Founded in New York City in 1947 by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson.

Also credited as :
- Atlantic Recording Studios, New York City
- Atlantic Recording Studio
- Atlantic Sound Studios
- Atlantic Studios, N.Y.C.
- Atlantic Studios, NYC
- Atlantic Studios, New York, New York

Identifiable mastering scribings in runouts include "AT" or "@t" or similar, or stamped "ATLANTIC STUDIOS D.K.", "ATLANTIC STUDIOS DK" or "T/DK".
Please use "Lacquer Cut At" for LCCN crediting.

An independent company, Atlantic gained a reputation for being honest, and their business practices allowed them to hire the best musicians in the business. When it was industry practice to pay royalties below 2 percent, or in the case of minority performers, no royalties at all, Atlantic was paying 3 to 5 percent. Specializing in rhythm & blues, jazz and soul, Atlantic also recorded rock & roll, blues, country and western, gospel and comedy. From early on in their history, Atlantic was a major player among American record companies.
In 1967 they were purchased by Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records, and today is part of the Warner Music Group.

The letters 'W', 'X' or 'Z' etched in many runouts were quality control codes used by Atlantic to tell engineers what brand of lacquer blank had been used to master / cut the record.
- W: Audiodisc
- X: Transco
- Z: Soundcraft.

Engineers known to have worked here:
- Producers - Recording/Mixing engineers:
-- Tom Dowd (co-developer of the studios)
-- Jimmy Douglass
-- Gene Paul
-- Lew Hahn
-- Bobby Warner
-- Adrian Barber
-- Phil Lehle
-- Bruce Tergesen
- Recording/Mixing engineers:
-- Tom Heid
-- Randy Mason
-- Brian Eddolls (synclavier programmer)
-- Michael O'Reilly
-- Bill Dooley
-- Dan Nash
-- Stephen Benben
- Mastering engineers:
-- George Piros (GP)
-- Dennis King (DK)
-- Rob Grenell (RG)
-- Al Brown (5) (ab)
-- Ray Janos
-- Sam Feldman (sf)
-- Barry Diament
-- Frank Tabino (FT)
- Recording/Mastering engineers:
-- Zal Schreiber
-- Joe Atkinson
- Technical engineers:
-- Clair Krepps (chief engineer)
-- Joel Kerr
-- Tom Cahill (3)
-- Sami Ucikan
-- Ray DeLeon

Contact Info:

234 West 56th Street (November 1947 - mid-1956)
New York City, NY

157 W 57th Street (mid-1956 - 1959)
New York City, NY

1841 Broadway (1959 - 1990)
New York City, NY , Facebook , , Wikipedia , ,


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