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This is not a real company but a general phrase meaning that the record was distributed by Ariola Eurodisc GmbH or its international subsidiaries.

Please always use Ariola Group Of Companies when given on release, but keep in mind that "Distributed by the Ariola Group of Companies" does not automatically say that the record was pressed or distributed in a specific country or region. Please always look for other distinctions found on the release to denote year and country of the release.

From about late 1981 on, the phrase replaced equivalent general phrases like "im Ariola-Vertrieb" ("handled by Ariola-Distribution") for German releases or the many similar subsidary's credits used in the 70s. Ariola sold overstock sleeves bearing older credits for some time, but "Distributed by the Ariola Group of Companies" on the sleeve is always a clear indicator for being an 80s pressing.

Parent Label:Ariola Eurodisc GmbH
Sublabels:Die Grossen Erfolge


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