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Recording studio located in Oslo, Norway. Abbreviated as Talent. Also known as "The Whale", a name acquired because of its size.

The original Talent Production AS was formed in 1972, while legendary TALENT STUDIO in Oslo was managed from 1975 by Jan Erik Kongshaug and Arve Sigvaldsen. Talent name is carried on with (also known as TVA) and was started by Arve Sigvaldsen in 1993.
Also credited as:
- Talent-studio
- Talent Studio, Oslo
- Talent Studios, Oslo
- Talent/The Whale Studio
- The Whale
- "The Whale" Talent Studio
- Talent Studios A/S

Parent Label:Talent Music Organisation A/S
Contact Info: AS
Vækerøveien 137
N-0383 Oslo

Mobile : 95 96 71 16
E-mail: [email protected]

Arve Sigvaldsen, COB
E-mail: [email protected] , , ,


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