Advision Studios


Recording studio in central London (UK). Previously Guy De Bere Studios (originally on the location of a school) Advision was initially intended for recording jingles and voice-overs; when Guy Whetstone and Stephen Appleby took over setting up as using a Telefunken four track tape machine, it soon became the place where some of biggest pop and rock records of the 60’s and 70’s were recorded. After Advision closed, the studio was taken over by The Sound Company in 1993 who further redeveloped it.

The studio had a disc cutting room equipped with lathe with valve cutting amplifier and a Grampion cutting head, later replaced with a Lyrec Ortofon lathe.

Also appears on releases as:
- Advision Sound Studio
- Advision Sound Studios
- Advision Studio
- Advision Studios London
- Advision

Parent Label:Advision Ltd.
Sublabels:Advision Mobile
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Originally at 83 New Bond Street, then moved to 23 Gosfield Street in 1969 in London, England.


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