Carlin Music Corp.


Carlin Music Corporation / CMC
International music publishing (holding) company founded in the UK in 1966 by Freddy Bienstock (April 24, 1923 – September 20, 2009). He was an American music publisher who built his career in music by being the person responsible for soliciting and selecting songs for Elvis Presley's early albums and films. The Company ceased to exist on 23 June 2017, when it was merged into the newly-created Carlin Music Delaware LLC (owned by Round Hill Carlin LLC).

Name variations as found on this profile:
- Carlin Music Corp.
- Carlin Music Corp
- Carlin M Corp.
- Carlin Music Corp., London
- Carlin Music Corporation
- Carling Music Corp.
- Carling Music Corp
- Calin Music Corp.
- Charlin Music Corp. [misspelling]

The roots of the company were founded through the acquisition of Hill & Range UK affiliate Belinda (London) Ltd., which Freddy renamed Carlin Music Corporation after his daughter Caroline (who was later the Chief Executive Officer and President of Carlin America), and established as his UK business.

For his American business he established Hudson Bay Music Inc. in 1972, now known as Carlin America, Inc.

During the 1970’s, "Carlin Music" administered many US catalogues including Walt Disney and Motown’s publishing company "Jobete".

In 1984, Freddy acquired Chappell Music and became its Worldwide President, with Carlin becoming an administered company. After Freddy sold "Chappell" to Time Warner four years later, he restructured Carlin as an independent international publishing organization with Carlin Music as the London-based main office for the company's UK and European operations.

Formerly associated with Carlin Recorded Music Library Ltd.

Variations: Carlin, Carlin Music, Carlin Music Ltd., Carlin Music Corp. Ltd.

NY company number: 197898
Incorporated: 25 April 1966
Merged in: 27 June 1985 'Anglo-American Music Holding Corporation'
Dissolved: 23 June 2017 (merged into Carlin Music Delaware LLC)

Sublabels:Abacus Music Ltd., Badge Records, Carlin Music, Carlin Music Ltd., Freddy Bienstock Music Ltd., Jack Good Music, Jack Good Music Ltd., Kalmann Music Ltd., Kenny Lynch Music Ltd., Peterman & Co. Ltd., ...
Contact Info:

Company address:
126 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016

UK Registered office address:
Iron Bridge House,
3 Bridge Approach,
London, NW1 8BD

US Registered address:
1501 Broadway Suite 406,
New York, NY, 10036
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