Belgian pressing plant, established in 1977 as a manufacturer of vinyl records.
Originally located in Donk (Herk-de-Stad), the business premises soon became too small and in 1979 moved its entire machinery to the current location.

The company was also equipped with cassette, CD-ROM, CD-Audio and DVD replication units and its own sleeve printing and packaging department. Proprietor: André Willems.
Bankrupt as of 10-08-2011 and restarted under the name of Discomat. The contact info can be used to contact the new company.
Cassette duplication was done at the sister company Galvomat.

Vinyl pressings are identifiable by an etched "D.P." or "DP" in the run-outs. The company also appears printed as "Disco Press".

CD pressing with glass mastering SID codes IFPI L03* are outsourced by the French plant MPO.
Mould SID codes IFPI N5** can also be found on some CDs (possibly Disco-Press, but not yet proven exactly whom belongs these codes).

Parent Label:Disco-Press B.V.B.A.
Contact Info:

Disco-Press BVBA
Houwijkerstraat 2
3540 Herk-de-Stad

Tel.: 003213553111
Fax.: 003213551493


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