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Music publishing and holding company, affiliated with PRS (IPI #160187388). UK branch of Warner Chappell Music, legally operating under this name between 24 August 1988 until 26 January 1996, and again since 16 May 2019. (Formerly incorporated / known as Warner Bros. Music Ltd.) The company was renamed Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. on 26 January 1996. For such releases, please use Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. It returned to its previous name on 16 May 2019.
See also: Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd.

Name variations as found on this profile:
- Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
- Warner Chappell Music Ltd
- Warner Chappell Music, Ltd.
- Warner Chappell Music Co. Ltd.
- Warner Chappell Music Limited
These variants below, should only be filed here, if credited on releases before 26th Jan 1996.
- Warner / Chappell Music Ltd.
- Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.
- Warner-Chappell Music Ltd.

Company timeline / name changes since initial incorporation:
18th Nov 1950 to 5th July 1956 - Harms - Connelly Ltd.
5th July 1956 to 4th Sept 1969 - Harms-Witmark Ltd.
4th Sept 1969 to 23rd Jan 1970 - Warner Bros. Seven Arts Music Ltd.
23rd Jan 1970 to 26th April 1971 - Warner Bros. Music Ltd.
26th April 1971 to 25th April 1972 - Kinney Music Ltd.
25th April 1972 to 23rd Aug 1988 - Warner Bros. Music Ltd.
23rd Aug 1988 to 26th Jan 1996 and 16th May 2019 to present - Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
26th Jan 1996 to 16th May 2019 - Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.

Full legal entity name: Warner Chappell Music Limited
UK Company number: 0488466
Immediate parent: WMG Global Ventures Limited
Ultimate parent: AI Entertainment Holdings LLC

Parent Label:Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Sublabels:Brogue Music, CRML Limited, Destiny Music Ltd, Dizzy Heights Music Publishing Ltd., FFRR Music Ltd., Glissando Music Ltd., Kirshner Warner Bros. Music Ltd., Magnet Music Ltd., The National Video Corporation Ltd., Warner Chappell Music International Ltd., ...
Contact Info:

Registered office address:
Warner Chappell Music Limited
Cannon Place,
78 Cannon Street,

(obsolete - before 1996 renaming)
Registered address:
129 Park St,
London, W1Y 3FA , ,


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