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EMI Uden was EMI's CD manufacturing plant, located in Uden, Netherlands. The factory started operations in 1990 and replaced the vinyl and cassette manufacturing that had taken place at Uden before. In 2004 the factory was sold to Mediamotion.

Legal name: "EMI Compact Disc (Holland) B.V." (incorporated in 1989).

Identifying EMI Uden on CDs:
Most of the time "EMI UDEN" will be present in the matrix mirror band itself, in combination with Mastering SID Codes IFPI L046 or L047. In these cases, the glass master was made at EMI Uden.

Until 1996, or even 1997, EMI Uden didn't make their own glassmasters, but glassmasters were outsourced for example at CDM, Malmö, Sweden. CDs glass mastered at CDM can be identified by "CDM0x" or "CDMAx" in the matrix, where "x" is a digit from 1 to 4. In these cases you can add "Glass Mastered At" CDM (10) in the LCCN section. Often with only EMI (mostly without UDEN, in the transit period sometimes already with UDEN) in the matrix. With x-x-x-NL as etched part, please also add "Pressed by EMI Uden". (example: BZN - Good For Gold)

In the matrix string of CDs glass mastered by EMI Uden the capital letter U appears slightly smaller than the other letters. This effect also appears in the matrix strings of CDs glass mastered by EMI UK and CDP UK Ltd. The smaller letter does, however, represent a capital letter U and the matrix string should be entered as EMI UDEN.

Where the location (e.g. "NL") is not present in the matrix, the following will help to identify a CD pressed by EMI Uden: the matrix string in the mirror band is split into two distinct sections. Additionally to the matrix, a machine stamped area includes a set of digits separated by hyphens and suffixed with the country code "NL" (e.g: "2-4-28-NL"). This text indicates that the stampers for this disc were made at EMI Uden. Please enter this text in the same Matrix/Runout field as that present in the mirror band. (example: The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness or Miss B. Haven - Suk & Stads).

For releases with "EMI Uden" and a machine stamped area with a series of digits separated by hyphens and completed with the country code "NL", please use both entries:
Glass Mastered At - EMI Uden
Pressed By - EMI Uden
(example: EMI UDEN 5225382 @ 1 1-1-2-NL).

Some CD's will have "EMI Swindon" in the matrix but the machine stamped information will have an "NL" suffix which means that the glass master was made at Swindon, but the stampers were made at EMI Uden. Also, the IFPI assigned the mould SID code "IFPI 15##" to EMI Uden (e.g: "IFPI 1525"). The inclusion of this code on a CD means the CD was replicated ("pressed") at EMI Uden.

CDs do not have a unique / sequential company number (like vinyl) that can be added as LCCN number.

The following SID codes were assigned by the IFPI organization to EMI Uden:
Mastering SID Codes:
IFPI L046 (⚠ can be misread as L045 *Note1)

Mould SID Code:
IFPI 15## (All four digit mould SID codes beginning with "15", albeit exceptionally for a short period with "14" - See note4).

⎯ Note1: mastering SID codes in matrix on some EMI Uden CDs can be partially obscured due to the end of the mirror band (as pictured here): be caution when fill your mastering SID code in BAOI. As IFPI L046 is officially attributed to EMI Uden facilities, consider IFPI L045 as potentially a misread code and not to be entered as such.

⎯ Note2: some releases with IFPI 25## as mould SID code are believed to be pressed by the Italian EMI plant located in Varese, near Milan. If they have IFPI L046 / IFPI L047 as Mastering SID code, the glass master was made @ Uden and should be credited as follow:
Glass Mastered At - EMI Uden
Pressed By - EMI ITALIANA S.p.A. (correct spelling EMI Italiana S.p.A. without capitals) until 1997
(example: The Verve - Urban Hymns).
Please note the Varese EMI plant went through changes of name and ownership between 1997 and its closure in 2011/2012 (ultimately becoming ims Manufacturing / IMS International Media Service S.p.A.) and it's not clear at this point which entity can be credited for post-1997 pressings.

⎯ Note3: with the sale of the plant to Mediamotion, all SID codes may have transferred to the new owners of the plant, it varies from case to case. It is best not to credit releases using the SID codes alone.

⎯ Note4: the Mould SID Code ifpi 14xx assigned to EMI Swindon sometimes appears on CD pressed at EMI Uden since May 2002 at least until 2003. This because some equipments and the associated codes were transferred from Swindon after its closure to Uden. For these releases the same rules of Uden apply.

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