Dick James Music Ltd.


Music publishing / management and record production group (holding company) established 19 July 1961 by Dick James. Renamed Universal/Dick James Music Ltd on 30 July 1999.
Please use Dick James Music if printed without suffix

Name variants:
- Dick James Music Ltd.
- Dick James Music Ltd
- Dick James Music Limited

Including publishing, the company was also the principal parent and controlling party of "The Dick James Organisation" which consisted of numerous wholly / jointly owned subsidiaries related to the music industry operating in the UK and overseas.

The company also owned and operated its own record labels (companies), distributors, recording studios and provided management & administration to independent publishing companies.

In 1986 the company was acquired by PolyGram; Polygram was subsequently acquired on 10 December 1998 by "The Seagram Company Ltd", who already owned the Universal Music Group. The last immediate parent company was 'Universal Music Leisure Limited' (formerly Polygram Leisure Ltd until 29 March 1999).

Other subsidiaries included:
Dick James Music Pty. Ltd (Australia), Dick James Music France S.A.R.L, (France), Dick James Music SA (Switzerland), Crystal Music Publishing Company Ltd, Medallion Music Publishing Co. Ltd., Pall Mall Music Ltd, Amused Productions Ltd., Theobalds Music Inc, Jamil Music Ltd. Dejamus Productions Ltd.

Sublabels:Ammo-James Music LTD, Dick James, Dick James Ltd., Dick James Music, Dick James Music (France), Dick James Music Ab, Dick James Music Co., Dick James Music Co. Ltd., Dick James Music Pty Ltd, Dick James Music SarL, ...
Contact Info:

Last registered address under this name:
Dick James Music Limited
8 St James's Square

30 Berkeley Square,
London, W1X 6AH

15 St George street,
London, W1A 2LB

High Holborn house,
52-54, High Holborn,
London, WC1


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