French printing and pressing plant : "Societé Nouvelle Areacem".
Also appears as :
- Imprimerie S.N.A.
- Imp. S.N.A.
- S.N.A.
- S.N.A ; Tourouvre

Company founded in September 1980 as Société Coopérative de Production (SCOP), i.e. the workers bought the company after the predecessor A.R.E.A.C.E.M. folded. In the late '80s the company's production has been extended to the mastering of CDs.

Use A.R.E.A.C.E.M. for releases that credit "A.R.E.A.C.E.M.". In 2010, SNA sets up a new brand for its pressing activity: SNAdisc. That profile can be used when that name is credited on your release; otherwise, please credit SNA.

The distribution centre is located near Paris.

In 2018, SNAdisc was bought by GZ Media after SNA's bankruptcy.

Identifying vinyl pressings:
Look for a "SNA" etching, or for a small circular "[SNA logo]" stamp (see images). Often the stamping is poorly executed, with only one or two of the letters being legible, in some cases it may look like a small circle split into four quadrants. On some releases might also appear a matrix number that includes the manufacturing or mastering date in the form of MMDDYYxx. The last two digits are the unique job numbers. E.g., 05209404 was mastered or manufactured May 20th 1994.
Do not add these codes as LCCN numbers.

Some represses also have "SN" etching added before the previous used A.R.E.A.C.E.M logo, e.g. Ludwig van Beethoven – Talich Quartet - 12e Quatuor Op. 127 En Mi Bémol Majeur, 16e Quatuor Op. 135 En Fa Majeur, presumably where earlier plates have been reused.

Identifying CD pressings:
Common mastering SID codes: ifpi L595, L596, L598 and L600 (see images).
Common mould SID code: IFPI 1A**

When there is a matrix number M####### in the disc matrix, this can be entered as the catalogue number for SNA in the LCCN section.
Numbers without the "M"-prefix also appear on CDs, these have not yet been discussed and should not be added in the LCCN section.

When the M####### matrix number and common SID codes are present in the disc matrix, SNA can be credited as Glass Mastered At, even if SNA is not named in the matrix.

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Parc d'activité Sainte-Anne
61190 Tourouvre
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