Ocean Way Recording


US recording studio.
Also referred to as:
- Ocean Way
- Ocean Way Recorders
- Ocean Way Sound Recorders
- Ocean Way Studio
- Ocean Way Studios
- Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles, CA
- Ocean Way Recording, Los Angeles
- Ocean Way, LA
- Ocean Way, Los Angeles
- Ocean Way, Hollywood
- Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, CA
- Oceanway
- Oceanway Recording
- Oceanway Studios
- Oceanway Recording Studios
- Oceanway Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA
- Oceanway Recording Studio, LA, CA

Ocean Way Recording started in the early 70s in a garage. Allen Sides bought the old gear from the United Western Studios and installed his studio. By 1976 his lease was cancelled, because some musicians were too loud when leaving the facility at night. So Allen leased Studio B at United Western Studios. In the early 80s he also took over the Studio A and in 1985 he bought the United Western Studios and renamed it to Ocean Way Recording. In 1988 the Record One, Los Angeles studio at Sherman Oaks was added to the studio family. In 1997 Ocean Way Nashville followed as the next studio in the family.
In 1999, the original Ocean Way/Western Recorders facility at 6000 Sunset Blvd. was sold to Cello Studios, and Sides retained the building next door at 6050 Sunset Blvd.

Known engineers: Mark Ettel, Allen Sides, Bob Loftus, Don Hahn, Eric Rudd, Julie Last, Scott Baird, Joe Schiff, Noel Hazen, Steve Holroyd

Sublabels:Record One, Los Angeles
Contact Info:

Ocean Way Recording
6050 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Telephone: 323-467-9375
Fax: 323-467-3962 , Instagram


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