Blackwood Music Inc.

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Publisher, affiliated to BMI (IPI #3291034). Legally operated under this name from 16 February 1953 to 30 December 1987.

Full legal entity name: Blackwood Music, Inc.
Connecticut (CT) company number: 0079579
Incorporated: 3 July 1945 as 'The Columbia Music Publishing Company'
First name change: 16 February 1953 - this page
Second name change: 30 December 1987 to SBK Blackwood Music Inc.
Third name change: 14 July 1989 to EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

The company formed the backbone of CBS Inc. publishing operations, alongside sister company April Music Inc., which was affiliated to ASCAP. In 1986, CBS's music publishing arm (named CBS Songs) was acquired by SBK Entertainment World Inc.; following this acquisition, Blackwood Music Inc. was subsequently renamed 'SBK Blackwood Music Inc.' on 30 December 1987.

A branch company was incorporated in NY, legally operating under this name from 27 February 1953 to 24 July 1989.
Please consider also Blackwood, Blackwood Music, Blackwood Music Publishing, or Blackwood Music Publishing Co., Inc., when credited that way on release.

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