Max Music


Spanish electronic dance music label from Barcelona which became one of the most important in Spain. Styles Italo-Disco, Acid-House, House, Dance, Techno, Trance, Makina, Hard Trance.

Founded in 1984 by Miguel Degá and Ricardo Campoy (aka Ricardo Gómez). Next year launched its most popular product: the Max Mix series. The two first volumes were made by Mike Platinas and Javier Ussía, and then replaced by Tony Peret and Josep María Castells in 1986.
Together with another spanish labels, Max Music created the 'Sabadell Sound' with its own autochthon artists like David Lyme, Alan Cook, Kristian Conde, and Steve Clark.
Ricardo Campoy left Max Music in 1997 and founded Vale Music. The company was closed down in 1999.

Label code: LC 7285 / LC 07285

Parent labels along the time:
Max Music Productions, S.A. (From beginning to mid 1987)
Promoción Y Marketing Discográfico S.A. (From mid 1987 to Nov-Dec 1992)
Max Music Ediciones Discográficas, S.A. (From Nov-Dec 1992 to end)

Parent Label:Max Music Ediciones Discográficas, S.A.
Sublabels:Addicted, Container Records, DJ's At Work, Koka Music, Lo + Duro, Maquina Total, Max Music Promo, Orbit-A, Polar Records (2)
Contact Info:

(Last address. Obsolete, just for reference)
Max Music Ediciones Discográficas, S.A.
Via Augusta, 302
08017 Barcelona


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