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Artisan Sound Recorders is a recording and mastering/cutting facility in Southern California. Founded in the 1960s by Bob MacLeod, it has been located in Pasadena, Hollywood, Chatsworth and Los Angeles, California. Do not confuse with Florida mobile recording unit Artisan Recorders Inc.

When MacLeod retired in 1979, the studio was acquired by Kent Duncan and became part of Kendun Recorders. In 1993 it was acquired Jon Lowry and Beverley Lowry. In 2001 Artisan Sound Recorders was moved to Chatsworth, California. In December 2013 Artisan Sound Recorders reopened its new location in North Hollywood.

MacLeod made a point of keeping the equipment up to date and acquiring new products when they came out. In the '60s, the studio had a Neumann VMS-66 lathe with SX-68 cutting head, which was considered revolutionary at the time. In 1975 it used s Neumann SX 74 lathes.

They worked for clients such as Warner Bros. Records, Threshold Records and United Artists Records.

Records cut here can be recognized by the logo stamped in the runouts. The logo is made up of two rings representing a disc, completed by an old-fashioned circumference gauge representing the A for Artisan. Hence it is also colloquially referred to as "circles and sticks" or "drum and drumsticks". Please use [Artisan logo] in BaOI and credit with Lacquer Cut At in LCCN.

Also appears on releases as:
- Artisan Sound
- Artisan Studio
- Artisan Sound Recording Studio
- Artisan Sound Recorders Inc.
- Artisan, Los Angeles, CA

Engineers known to have worked here;
Trent Strickland
Greg Fulginiti
Bob MacLeod
John Golden
Jo Hansch
Kevin Gray
Phil Cross
Pam Strickland (Studio Manager)

Contact Info:

10419 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Tel.: (818) 421-5281

19941 Hiawatha St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Tel.: 818-832-1951

1600 North Wilcox Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel.: (213) 461-2751
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