Virgin Records Ltd.


Record (holding) company operating since 28 February 1973. Licensee of the Virgin (aka Virgin Records) brands / labels. First-incorporated as "Varmerny Ltd." on 8 September 1972.

Founded by English entrepreneur Richard Branson, alongside Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and Tom Newman. Principal activities of the company and numerous subsidiaries include: record production, manufacturing, licensing, sound recording and exploitation of copyrights.

The company initially operated under the control of Virgin Records (Holdings) Ltd., later under renamed company Virgin Holdings Ltd. Due to the Virgin Group branching out internationally into other market sectors the conglomerate, Virgin Group Ltd. (later plc) was established in 1983, which became the immediate and ultimate parent. Virgin Group Plc operated as three principal divisions: Music, Communications, and Retail. In 1989 the group was demerged, with the music related companies, (which included Virgin Records Ltd. & its worldwide subsidiaries) being transferred to a newly-incorporated (holding) company, Glowtrack Ltd. In 1990 this holding company was renamed Virgin Music Group Ltd.

Principal subsidiaries at 30 June 1991: UK Associated Virgin Labels Ltd., Charisma Records Ltd., Virgin EG Records Ltd. Circa Music Ltd., Circa Records Ltd., Siren Records Ltd., Ten Records Ltd., Virgin Classics Limited, Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd., 10 Music Ltd., Virgin Studios Ltd - (The Manor), Virgin Agency Ltd. (which was the parent of Clouseau Musique S.A. as of 1989), Virgin Overseas Ltd. (holding company for worldwide subsidiaries) - Australia - Virgin Australia Pty. Ltd., Virgin Australia Music Pty. Ltd., Belgium - Virgin Belgium SA, Virgin Belgium Publishing SA Netherlands - Virgin Benelux B.V., Virgin Benelux Publishing B.V., Virgin Holdings BV Canada -Virgin Records Canada Inc., Virgin Video Canada Inc. Denmark - Virgin Records Denmark ApS Italy - Virgin Dischi S.R.L., Spain - Virgin España, S.A., Ediciones Musicales Virgin España, S.A. France - Virgin France S.A., Editions Virgin Musique SA, Delabel SA, Greece - Δίσκοι Virgin ΕΠΕ, Virgin Music EPE Japan - Virgin Japan Ltd New Zealand - Virgin Records NZ Ltd. Norway Virgin Records Norway AS Sweden - Virgin Scandinavia AB, Virgin Music AB Germany - Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, Song Edition Virgin Schallplatten GmbH CokG USA - Virgin Records America, Inc., Virgin Music America, Inc., Virgin Records, Inc., Cardiac Records, Inc., Caroline Records, Inc., Caroline Records, Calif. Inc., Charisma Records America, Inc., Virgin Music, Inc., Virgin Songs, Inc. Hong Kong - Virgin Records (HK) Ltd., Virgin Music Publishers (Hong Kong) Ltd.

On 1 June 1992, Virgin Records Group Ltd. was sold by Richard Branson to Thorn Emi Plc., which would later become EMI Group Plc in 1996. From 2012 to 2017 the company was ultimately-owned by Vivendi S.A. and formed part of the Universal Music Group. On 25 April 2017 Bolloré Group became the ultimate parent. Today the Company remains an immediate subsidiary of Virgin Music Group (an unlimited entity), and is ultimately-owned by Universal Music Group N.V.

In the UK and most of Europe Virgin was distributed by EMI from 1 August 1992 and the EMI boxed catalogue numbering and barcode, price codes date from them. It was distributed in Germany by BMG until 1 August 1993 and the Benelux nations until mid-1994.

The Virgin imprint (trademark) and other associated Virgin brands used by Virgin Records Ltd., its subsidiaries or affiliates have always remained under the direct control of Richard Branson through his IP holding company Virgin Enterprises Ltd., which licenses the rights to use these trademarks. This company did not form part of the sale to Thorn EMI plc.

Also appears as: Virgin Records Ltd / Virgin Records Limited / Virgin Records, Ltd. / Virgin Rec Ltd

Parent Label:Virgin Music Group
Sublabels:Abbey Road Studios, AVL, Cardiac Records, Inc., EMI Ltd., Jaydone Ltd, Jaydone Ltd., Mawlaw 388 Ltd., Original Masters Series, PRE, Relentless 2006 Ltd., ...
Contact Info:

Registered office address:
4 Pancras Square

(all obsolete):
Kensal House
553-579 Harrow Road
W10 4RH

364-366 Kensington High Street
W14 8NS

27 Wrights Lane
W8 5SW

Crown House
72 Hammersmith Road
W14 8UD

4 Tenterden Street

120 Campden Hill Road
W8 7AR

95/99 Ladbroke Grove

2-4 Vernon Yard
119 Portobello Road

First address in 1973:
130 Notting Hill Gate
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