Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.

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Music publishing company. It is a BMI-affiliated publishing subsidiary of Warner Chappell Music group (its ASCAP-affiliated counterpart is WC Music Corp, until 2019 known as Wb Music Corp.).
Formerly known as Tamerlane Music, Inc., changed its name in September 1969. The company is based in Hialeah, Florida.

Also referred to as:
- Warner-Tamerlane
- Warner-Tamerlane Co.
- Warner-Tamerlane, Inc.
- Warner-Tamerlane Music
- Warner-Tamerlane Music, Inc.
- Warner-Tamerlane Music Corp.
- Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Inc.
- Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co.
- Warner Tamerlane Corp.
- Warner Tamerlane Pub Corp
- Warner Tamerlane Pub. Corp
- Warner Tamerlane Publ. Corp.
- Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
- Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp
- Warner Tammerlane Pub. Corp.
- Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
- Warner-Tamerlane publishing corp.
- Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
- Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation
- Warner-Tamberlane Publishing
- Warner/Tamberlain Publishing Corp.

Parent Label:Warner-Tamerlane
Sublabels:Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc., Back In Djibouti, Boobie And DJ Songs Inc., Shigshag Music, Sonic Panda Music, Stryker Joseph Music, Warner House Of Music, Wiz Khalifa Publishing, Young Money Publishing, Inc.
Contact Info:

10585 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025.

15800 N.W. Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33014


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