Publisher, affiliated to BMI in the US.
Berry Gordy, who formed Jobete Music as the music publishing affiliate to his Motown Records, held on to the company since 1959, until half was sold to EMI Music Publishing in 1997
May also appear misspelled as "Jobette" or "Jo Bete" on releases.
It was pronounced "Jo-Bet" for Joy, Berry, and Terry. During the early days of Anna Records, Ray-Ber, and the earliest Tamla, the name was spelt "Jobette" almost as frequently as "Jobete", especially on Anna Records, and early Tamla imprints
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UK: Jobete Music (UK) Ltd.
USA: Jobete Music Co., Inc.
General: Jobete Music,
when credited that way on release.
The publishing catalogue, which includes hit songs from such performers as the Temptations and Diana Ross and the Supremes, was owned by the Jobete Music Company and its sister company, the Stone Diamond Music Corp., collectively known as the Jobete companies. Both companies are owned by Mr. Gordy and his sister Esther Edwards.

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