Unofficial CD label of unknown origin existing 1994 to 1997, with well-over 100 Krautrock related releases.

All Germanofon releases should be marked "Unofficial"
Only those with "Un produit Luxembourgeois" should be noted so.
Others without a label name with numbering 941??? can be listed as Germanofon.

Identifying Germanofon releases:
Only the first 24 releases bore the name Germanofon. They often had the text "Un produit Luxembourgois" on the disc label and also GEMA as rights society.
Releases 941025 to 941120 only had a catalogue number, or additional identifiers like OSA, ACD, TSP, etc.
Other, more recent releases (941150+) and pressings exist masquerading as "Germanofon" of which some are pressed in the USA and Australia.
Another series of releases from the same people was HF HF 9511 to HF 9556 (list those as HF not Germanofon).
A few identifying logo and text pictures are added to this label page.


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
941000 Organisation Tone Float(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941000 1994 Sell This Version
941001 Kraftwerk Kraftwerk (Album) 941001 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
941002 Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2 (Album) 941002 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941003 Tanned Leather Child Of Never Ending Love(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941003 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941004 Sixty Nine Live!(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941004 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941005 Sitting Bull Trip Away(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941005 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
941006 Emergency (6) Get Out To The Country(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941006 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941008 Epitaph (2) Outside The Law(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941008 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941009 Gift (5) Blue Apple(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941009 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941010 Satin Whale Desert Places(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941010 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941011 Drosselbart Drosselbart(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941011 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941012 Brainstorm (9) Smile A While(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941012 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941013 Gash (3) A Young Man's Gash(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941013 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941014 Emergency (6) No Compromise(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941014 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941015 Harmonia Musik Von Harmonia(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941015 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941016 Rufus Zuphall Phallobst(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941016 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941017 Eulenspygel Ausschuß(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941017 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941018 Sixty Nine Circle Of The Crayfish(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941018 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941019 Abacus (3) Midway(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941019 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941020 Amos Key First Key(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941020 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941021 Harmonia Deluxe(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941021 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941022 Krokodil An Invisible World Revealed(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941022 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941023 Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian (Album) 941023 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941024 Curly Curve Curly Curve(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941024 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
941025 Neu! Neu!(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941025 1994 Sell This Version
941026 Neu! Neu! 2 (Album) 941026 1994 Sell This Version
941027 Cluster* Cluster(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941027 1995 Sell This Version
941028 Cluster Cluster II(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941028 1995 Sell This Version
941029 Cluster Zuckerzeit(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941029 1995 Sell This Version
941030 Neu! Neu! '75 (Album) 941030 1994 Sell This Version
941031 Gila (2) Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941031 Luxembourg 1995 Sell This Version
941032 Sperrmüll Sperrmüll(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941032 1995 Sell This Version
941033 Electric Sandwich Electric Sandwich(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941033 1995 Sell This Version
941034 Epsilon (4) Epsilon Off(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941034 1995 Sell This Version
941035 Highdelberg Highdelberg(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941035 1995 Sell This Version
941036 Satin Whale Lost Mankind(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941036 1995 Sell This Version
941036 3 Birth Control Birth Control(CD, Album, Ltd, Wit) Germanofon 941036 3 Luxembourg 1994 Sell This Version
941037 18 Karat Gold All-Bumm(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941037 1995 Sell This Version
941038 Missus Beastly Missus Beastly(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941038 1995 Sell This Version
941039 Niagara S.U.B.(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941039 1995 Sell This Version
941040 Sinto Right On Brother(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941040 1995 Sell This Version
941041 Sweet Smoke Darkness To Light(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941041 1995 Sell This Version
941042 Limbus 3 New-Atlantis(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941042 1995 Sell This Version
941043 Release Music Orchestra Life(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941043 1995 Sell This Version
941044 Creative Rock Lady Pig(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941044 1995 Sell This Version
941045 Second Life (4) Second Life(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941045 1995 Sell This Version
941046 Düde Dürst Krokodil Solo(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941046 1995 Sell This Version
941047 Creative Rock Gorilla(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941047 1995 Sell This Version
941048 Xhol Motherfuckers GmbH & Co KG(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941048 Luxembourg 1995 Sell This Version
941049 Thirsty Moon Thirsty Moon(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941049 1995 Sell This Version
941050 Asterix (6) Asterix(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941050 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941051 To Be To Be(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941051 1995 Sell This Version
941052 Cherubin Our Sunrise(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941052 1995 Sell This Version
941053 Orange Peel Orange Peel(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941053 1995 Sell This Version
941054 Thirsty Moon You'll Never Come Back(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941054 1995 Sell This Version
941055 Tea Tea(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon, Germanofon 941055 1995 Sell This Version
941056 Os Mundi Latin Mass(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941056 1995 Sell This Version
941057 Emtidi Emtidi(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941057 1995 Sell This Version
941058 Thomas Dinger Für Mich(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon, Germanofon 941058 1995 Sell This Version
941059 Pacific Sound Forget Your Dream!(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941059 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941060 Excalibur The First Album(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941060 1995 Sell This Version
941061 Cornucopia (6) Full Horn(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941061 1995 Sell This Version
941062 Hallelujah (3) Hallelujah Babe!(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941062 Unknown Sell This Version
941063 Silberbart 4 Times Sound Razing(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941063 1995 Sell This Version
941064 Between And The Waters Opened(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941064 Luxembourg 1995 Sell This Version
941065 Xhol Hau-RUK(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941065 1995 Sell This Version
941066 Xhol Caravan Electrip(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941066 1995 Sell This Version
941067 Jane Jane III(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941067 1996 Sell This Version
941068 Jane Lady(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941068 1996 Sell This Version
941069 Gomorrha (2) I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941069 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941070 Guru Guru Guru Guru(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941070 1996 Sell This Version
941071 Guru Guru Mani Und Seine Freunde(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941071 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941072 Jane Here We Are(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941072 1996 Sell This Version
941073 Guru Guru Dance Of The Flames(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941073 1996 Sell This Version
941074 Grobschnitt Jumbo(CD, Comp, Unofficial) Germanofon 941074 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941075 Grobschnitt Grobschnitt(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941075 1996 Sell This Version
941076 Metropolis (25) Metropolis(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941076 1996 Sell This Version
941077 Ihre Kinder ...Ihre Kinder(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941077 1996 Sell This Version
941078 Hairy Chapter Eyes(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941078 1996 Sell This Version
941079 Achim Reichel Autovision(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941079 1996 Sell This Version
941080 Tritonus Tritonus(CD) Germanofon 941080 Germany Unknown Sell This Version
941081 Pell Mell (2) From The New World(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941081 1996 Sell This Version
941082 The Hamburg Scene 8 Days In April(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941082 1996 Sell This Version
941083 I.D. Company I.D. Company(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941083 1996 Sell This Version
941084 Guru Guru Don't Call Us - We Call You(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941084 1996 Sell This Version
941085 Triumvirat Illusions On A Double Dimple(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941085 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941086 Triumvirat Mediterranean Tales (Across The Waters)(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941086 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941087 Karthago Second Step(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941087 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941088 Jane Between Heaven And Hell(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941088 1996 Sell This Version
941089 The Petards Pet Arts(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941089 Luxembourg Unknown Sell This Version
941090 Brainstorm (9) Second Smile(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941090 1996 Sell This Version
941091 Eroc Eroc(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941091 1996 Sell This Version
941092 Epitaph (2) Epitaph(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941092 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941093 Release Music Orchestra Garuda(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941093 1996 Sell This Version
941094 Karthago Karthago(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941094 1996 Sell This Version
941095 Missus Beastly Nara Asst Incense(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941095 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941096 Epitaph (2) Stop Look And Listen(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) Germanofon 941096 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941097 Checkpoint Charlie (5) Grüß Gott Mit Hellem Klang(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941097 1997 Sell This Version
941098 AR* AR3(CD, Album, Unofficial, RE) Germanofon 941098 Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
941100 Kollektiv Kollektiv(CD, Album, Unofficial) Germanofon 941100 Unknown Sell This Version


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February 25, 2015
edited 4 months ago
Back in the early 1990s when independent CD releases and reissues were still in their infancy, a mysterious "import" label appeared on the lists of UK distributors called Germanofon. From the get go it was obviously an unofficial "bootleg" label, and quite patently nearly all sourced from second hand, sometimes well-worn vinyl. But as these were largely rarities and never reissued on CD before they were welcomed by punters as a stop-gap, a way to hear some classic old Krautrock only otherwise available as hard to locate or pricey vinyl.

Here I'll hand over to an earlier Discogs profile for the label...
"In 1994-1995 Germanofon, who claimed to be based in Luxembourg, managed to get their CDs into many normally respectable music retailers, both brick and mortar and online, who normally would never deal with bootlegs. In reality the Germanofon pressings were bootleg and were invariably mastered from vinyl. Sound quality was highly variable, with some releases sounding fairly good while others were transcriptions of old, severely worn LPs replete with surface noise and distortion."

All quite true, which concurs with my own writing in "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" (Krautrock Encyclopedia, CD-Rom version)...
A CD reissue label that appeared in the 1990's of dubious legality, reputedly from Luxembourg, and operating via distributors in Southern Germany and England. The majority of their releases bear no label name. Most Germanofon CD's are mastered from LP records or cassettes. At Ultima Thule we were always reluctant to stock these, as many were rather dodgy, yet they did fill a big hole in the market at the time, and they unearthed some unknown classic rarities.
To which was added...
According to Second Battle's site, in December 1997 "GERMANOFON announces by letter, that the company is going to retreat from the CD market in 1998, but not without expressing words of thanks for the good cooperation with its worldwide customers. No further comment."

In 2015 a few Germanofon discs have still not seen official reissue as yet, like the early Kraftwerk releases and few Brain label titles.

A few interesting points about Germanofon...
Early releases had GEMA as rights society, although Germanofon was never registered with GEMA (not on their database at all).
Other identifiers like OSA, ACD, TSP were on some discs looking like rights societies. We can be sure that OSA here has nothing to do with the Czech rights society, and neither ACD nor TSP correspond with any other label on Discogs. After many lengthy discussions in the Discogs forums it was agreed that all these releases (excepting the related HF label) should be identified as Germanofon. Still, people keep listing things wrongly and duplicate entries because of the scant info on some of these releases.

I'd still love to know who Germanofon were and where they really came from. In fact, were all these titles released by the same people? It would seem that 941001 to 941024 were. 941031 plus were much more "ad hoc" (sometimes featuring cheaply done computer graphics not on the originals). A few releases were of reasonably good quality, like the Kraftwerk titles which sounded tons better than those from other unofficial labels like Crown. A couple even had special custom made packaging, like the debut by Birth Control in a circular pill box and 18 Karat Gold in a golden silk-screened jewel case (curiously Lothar Meid told me that he quite liked it and thought it sounded better than the LP), yet many were well-shoddy like the badly distorted Satin Whale "Desert Places" and Release Music Orchestra's "Life" both still awaiting official reissue as I write this. Anyway, whoever they were, they certainly had a wide-ranging taste with releases ranging from Krautrock classics through to the pretty dire, plus a few not German items like Ruphus albums (Norwegian band), and Swiss artists, including the still mega-rare Düde Dürst "Krokodil Solo".

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