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American recording studio in Bearsville, just outside of Woodstock, New York. The studio was built in 1969 by Albert B. Grossman, and closed in the 2000s.

Credited in a wide variety of ways, including many different versions of:
· Bearsville Studio(s)
· Bearsville Sound Studio(s)
· Bearsville Recording Studio(s)
· Turtle Creek Barn / Bearsville Barn / The Barn at Bearsville
... and variously identified as located in Bearsville, Woodstock, New York/NY, and/or USA.

The studio shared the Bearsville record company logo designed by Milton Glaser.

The studio was designed by John Storyk, architect of Electric Lady Studios. There were three main rooms, and other associated facilities.
· Studio A was a large acoustic space in the main facility on Speare Road.
· Studio B , also located in the main facility on Speare Road, which until 1980 was also the primary mix location.
· Studio C ("Turtle Creek Barn") was located in a barn down the hill off of Ricks Road.
· Bearsville Sound Remote Recording was a mobile studio based out of Bearsville used by Todd Rundgren on a number of projects.
· Utopia Video was a separate facility behind the Bear Cafe, becoming operational in 1981 after it outgrew the logistics operating within Studio A in 1979 and 1980.

Studio managers included (chronologically) Susan Palmer, Jim Marron, George James (5), Griff McRee, Ian Kimmet, Mark McKenna, Chris Laidlaw, and Chris Hansen (3).

Chief engineers included (chronologically) Ted Rothstein, Michael Guthrie, Eddie Ciletti, Shep Siegel, Ken McKim, and George Cowen.

Other In-house production and engineering staff included (alphabetically): George Carnell, George Cowen, Tom Edmonds, Chris Hansen (3), John Holbrook, Ian Kimmet, Chris Laidlaw, Ken Lonas, Todd Vos, Mark McKenna, Ray Niznik, Jim Rooney, John Simon, and others.

Other engineers known to have worked here: Oscar Milan, Michael Toles, Scott Gormley, M. Henry Herman.

The studios were sold in 2004 and are now a private residence.

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Bearsville Studio
71 Ricks Rd
Woodstock NY 12498

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