Gold Star Studios


Recording studio and production facility in Hollywood, California.

Note: For the studio in Houston, Texas, please use Gold Star Recording Studio.

Gold Star Studios was founded during October 1950 by David Gold (3) and Stan Ross and operated until 1984. The studio was renowned for its unique, custom-designed recording equipment, which was designed and built by Gold, as well as its famed echo chambers. As a consequence, many hits were recorded there including The Beach Boys 1966 album "Pet Sounds".

Also appears on releases as:
Gold Star
Gold Star Recording
Gold Star Recording Studios
Gold Star Recording Studio, Hollywood
Goldstar Studios, Hollywood California

Engineers known to have worked here:
Brian Ross-Myring
Larry Levine
Joe Mauldin
Jim Hilton
Cal Harris

Parent Label:Gold Star Recording Studios, Inc.
Contact Info:

6252 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA
USA (Contact info now obsolete)

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