Criteria Recording Studios


Recording and mastering studio complex located in North Miami, Florida, operating 7 recording studio(s) with 24-track / 48-track / 96-track recording equipment.
Also appears as Criteria Studios - Criteria, Miami - Criteria Sound Studios - Criterion Studios, Miami - Criteria Sound, Miami, FL - Criteria Recording Company - Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida - Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, FL - Atlantic South-Criteria Studios - Atlantic-South Criteria, Studios, Miami, Fla. - Atlantic South, Criteria Studio, Miami, Florida - Atlantic South, Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida - Criteria Cutting Center - Criteria Studios, Inc. - Criteria Studios, Miami.

Founder - Mack Emerman
General Manager - Trevor Fletcher
Studio Manager - Margie Curry
Technical Director - Simon Soong
Master Chief Engineer - Ross Alexander (2)
Chief Mastering Engineer (1971-1980) - John Blanche
Engineers known to have worked here:
Jack Davis (3) (JD)
Samii Taylor
Steve Gursky
Mike Fuller (MF)
Steve Kimball
Karl Richardson (KR)
Alex Sadkin (ABS)
Jack Adams
Stan Lambert
Keith Rose
Patrice Levinsohn (aka Patrice Levinson)

Originally opened its doors by Mack Emerman in 1958. Criteria added a second studio capable of holding a 72 piece orchestra in January 1967. This became Studio A, while the original studio became known as Studio B. By the end of 1969 and 1970, both studios were booked around the clock.

A leader in cutting edge recording technology. successful projects including James Brown's "I Feel Good", Aretha Franklin's "Young, Gifted and Black", and Derek & The Dominos "Layla". In early 1972 Studio C was completed, with landmarks including Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" and the Bee Gees' "Saturday Night Fever". Demand required another studio so, Studio D, was built before the closing of the 1970's.

The 1980's saw the retiring of the original Studio B to storage. 1981 saw the construction of the lavish Studio E, as well as a second lathe room dubbed the "Criteria Cutting Center." The Cutting Center operations were sold to mastering engineer Mike Fuller in 1986, becoming Fullersound.

After several hands of ownership took place; the final purchase in 1999 occurred by The Hit Factory; which merged it's business' base of operations to Miami from New York; before its closing down in April 2005. The renamed facility in North Miami, Florida was now The Hit Factory Criteria Miami.

Parent Label:The Hit Factory Criteria
Sublabels:Criteria Studios Mobile Unit, Good Sounds (2), Good Sounds Records, Inc.
Contact Info:

Criteria Studios (The Hit Factory Criteria Miami)
1755 Northeast 149th Street
North Miami, Florida 33181
(305) 947-5611 , Facebook , Wikipedia , Google , Google ,


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