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Disque Améric was a Canadian optical disc pressing plant active from February 19, 1987 to February 2011.

Joint operation by a consortium including MPO, SNC Group of Montréal and the Québec Government. Like many Canadian companies, it has two legal names, one in French (Disque Americ Inc.) and one in English (Americ Disc Inc.)
For releases crediting "DADR" (Disque Americ Drummondville), "Disque Americ", or "Disque Americ Canada", please use the French name, Disque Americ.
For releases crediting "Americ Disc ADFL" or "ADFL" use Americ Disc, Florida.
For releases crediting "Americ Disc Canada" or "AD/CA" use Americ Disc.

In 1997 the RIAA sued Americ Disc for knowingly, or recklessly disregarding the fact that many orders it accepted for pressing were counterfeit discs. As such, some CDs manufactured by this company prior to this have been found to be counterfeit.

The company was later part of the AmericDirect group which owns other US pressing plants in Miami (Florida) and Modesto (California).

Matrix information and identification:
There are several matrix number formats, none of which have been proven to be sequential, so please do not enter these codes as catalogue numbers. Do, however, try to enter all the text from the matrix area, including the exact way that the company is mentioned, e.g. "made by/fabriqué par DISQUE AMERIC [logo] CANADA" or "DISQUE AMERICA (A)"

One of the common formats has the format X<Y>Z, where:
X = usually a 5-character alphanumeric code with unknown meaning, often starting with a number.
Y = apparently a client ID, i.e. what record company the disc was pressed for. Usually 3 or 4 digits.
Z = catalogue number or other client-supplied ID.

SID Codes associated with this plant:
Mastering SID codes - IFPI L481, L482, L483, L484, L485, L486, L487, L488, & L489
Mould SID codes:
• IFPI 81** (sometime printed without a space between I and 8)
• IFPI 77** (following the acquisition of Allied DT in 2000)

Disque Améric may not always be named in the matrix, but can be identified by the X<Y>Z matrix format and SID codes listed above. For an example, see Sigh (2) - Imaginary Sonicscape.

no obvious sequence, so don't enter codes
ongoing discussion, mainly about company name variations
more discussion, nothing new

Preferred LCCN role(s):
Glass Mastered At - with mastering SID code IFPI L48*
Pressed By - with mould SID code IFPI 81**
Made By - when "made by/fabriqué par" is found in the disc matrix

Partial history:
Created by MPO as an "affiliate" company, at the behest of the Quebec government.
Feb 1987 – Opened first manufacturing facility in Drummondville, QC.
early 1990s – Began pressing CDs on behalf of RSB (3); this continued for large jobs even after RSB began in-house CD production in 1996.
July 2000 – Merged with/took majority ownership of RSB; both companies continued to operate under their own names.
July 1993 – Became jointly owned by MPO and GTC Transcontinental Group Ltd.
July 1994 – Opened Miami FL manufacturing facility.
Nov 1995 – Acquired Triptych CD, a manufacturer in Stockton CA.
Oct 1996 – Merged Stockton operations into a new Salida CA plant.
Jan 1997 – Acquired AstralTech Americas (=Astral Tech (2)), a manufacturer in Boca Raton FL.
Sep 1997 – Began DVD production at Salida CA plant.
By 2001, had manufacturing facilities in CA, FL, TN, and Canada; and service & distribution centers in MN, TN, and Montreal.

In 2003, Americ Disc joined with Media Evolved in Charlotte, NC to form Americ Evolved Manufacturing LLC. Americ Disc's manufacturing operation in Miami, FL was consolidated into the newly joint-run Charlotte, NC plant. Discs manufactured by Americ Disc in this plant can be identified by ADNC in the matrix.

In 2006, Americ Disc acquired CD/DVD manufacturer Denon Digital LLC of Madison, GA. This plant was closed in 2009.

Parent Label:MPO
Contact Info:

Disque Améric Inc.
2525 Rue Canadien
Drummondville, QC
J2C 7W2, Canada
Phone: 819-474-2655
(contact info now obsolete)


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