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Also appears as "Beechwood Music Corporation" and sometimes misspelled as "Beachwood Music Corp." and "Beachwood Music Corporation."
US publishing (holding) company, established as the publishing arm and immediate subsidiary of Capitol Records, Inc. by Glen Wallichs. Operating under this name from 24 November 1948. Associated with sister company Ardmore Music Corp. and UK based publishing (holding) company Ardmore & Beechwood Ltd. established by Capitol Records, Inc. parent Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) in 1958.
Affiliated with BMI (IPI #2497012) and now an imprint of the Hal Leonard Corporation.

Please consider also Beechwood, Beechwood Music (2), Beechwood Music Inc., Beechwood Pub. and Beechwood Pub. Co., when credited that way.

CA company number: 0191306
Incorporated: 16 September 1942 as 'Capitol Records Distributing Co. Inc.'
First name change: 1 November 1944 to Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Second name change: 24 November 1948 to 'Beechwood Music Corporation' - this page
Merged in: Freeway Music Corp. on 6 June 1973
Merged: 1 July 2020 into 'US MP SPV LLC' (registered in Delaware)

Sublabels:Beechwood, Beechwood de México, S.A. de C.V., Beechwood Music (2), Rock Music (2), Rock Music Co. (2)
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Registered address:
245 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York NY 10016

1750 N. Vine Street  
Hollywood, California 90028 , ,


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