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Nova was a German label, installed in 1974. It was obviously thought as some kind of a progressive rock label.
The parent record company is TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH, and frequently credited with the "Made By" or "Manufactured By" task on the releases.

On the rear cover we frequently find: "NOVA-Records - By Special Arrangement with ..."
Please document this with the tag: "Licensed To" at the Lccn
The companies credited with this "Special Arrangement" should be documented with the tag "Licensed From"

Early releases shows the prefix "SDL" at the cat# and wear a yellow label design with pink "nova" brand. The label design changed approximately middle of 1975.

All Nova releases have a price code, frequently shown on the rear cover. Additionally the price code appeared within brackets behind the cat# on the labels until approximately middle of 1975, and then disappeared. Approximately the same time the new label design, sand colored on top, and green at the lower half, was introduced. This means, releases with this label design, but without label code, date either 1975 or 1976. The label code, LC 3311 for Nova, was introduced in May 1976, so releases with this identifier date 1976 or later. We frequently find releases with and without label code, that's why it is important to document it.

In the late 1970s the Nova brand disappeared. Left over covers or vinyl was frequently mixed with the successor labels, commonly Decca. This kind of releases should be clear described at the release notes.

There are often several versions with slightly different suffixes at the cat#. Also some times the suffix on the rear cover / spine and on the labels are different. Please document where to find the different cat#s at the release notes.

If uploading image, please take care that you have the perfect matching version, to avoid confusion at the different variations.

Parent Label:TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH


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