The Village Recorder


World famous Los Angeles recording complex housed in a vintage Masonic Temple.

Also listed as:
- The Village (studio)
- The Village Recording Studios
- The Village Recorder Studios
- Village Recorder
- Village Recorders
- Village Recorders, Santa Monica
- Village Recorders, West L.A.
- Village Recording Studio
- The Village Recorder, Los Angeles

Known engineers: Jeff Hendrickson

The Village Recorders used two brands to market the studios from the 1990s; "The Village" and "The Village Studios". Please credit these brands directly if they are recipients of a credit on the release in hand.

The Village recording studio in Los Angeles was originally built as a Masonic temple in the 1920s. Converted in the late 1960s, the studio retained many of its characteristics including the stained-glass windows. The facility houses an array of vintage sound equipment, including a Neve 8048.

At some point during the late 1970s the company and the property were purchased by Jordi Hormel (of the Hormel Chili family) and also served as the US headquarters for Australian based company Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument Co. LTD. who were early pioneers in the development of software / hardware based digital audio sampling technology with their "Fairlight CMI" unit.

Today, the studio is also home to the Santa Monica public radio station KCRW (89.9 MHz FM).

Contact Info:

The Village
1616 Butler Avenue
West Los Angeles
CA 90025
Tel; (310) 478-8227
Fax; (310) 479-1142

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