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French label, often shortened as "Dreyfus", launched by Francis Dreyfus in 1978 for artists with an international market potential. Serves as an outlet for Jean-Michel Jarre among others. Disques Dreyfus is a division of Francis Dreyfus Music company. Sometimes printed as Dreyfus Records.
Label Code: LC 9804 / LC 09804.

Distributors and catalog #'s are the following:

French market:
1978 (CBS distributor): "FDM 83xxx" (LP), "FDM 40-83xxx" (MC).
1979–1985 (CBS distributor): "FDM 160xx" (7”), "FDM-161xx" / "FDM 12-160xx" (12”), "FDM 18xxx" (LP), "FDM 40-18xxx" (MC), "FDM CD-18xxx" ("FDM CD-77xxx" * / "FDM CD-83xxx" **) (CD).[*Disques Motors records / ** from LPs "FDM-83xxx"].
1985–1986 (PolyGram distributor): "DOO 40xx" (7”), "D12 4xxx" (12”), "DLP 20xx" (LP), "DLP 22xx" (2xLP), "DMC 20xx" (MC), "DCO 20xx" (CD).
1986–1991 (PolyGram distributor): "8xx xxx-7" (7"), "8xx xxx-1" (12"), "8xx xxx-1" (LP), "8xx xxx-2" (CD), "8xx xxx-4" (MC), "08x xxx-3" (VHS).
1991–1993 (PolyGram distributor): "19x xxx-01" (LP), "19x xxx-02" (CD), "19x xxx-04" (MC).
1993–2004 (Sony Music France distributor): "FDM-37xx-1" (CD single), "FDM 37xx-2" (CD Maxi), "FDM 37xx-4" (MC single), "FDM 37xx-6" (12”), "FDM 36xxx-1" (LP), "FDM-36xxx-2" (CD), "FDM-36xxx-4" (MC), "FDM 36xxx-5" (Laserdisc).
2004–2008 (Sony BMG Music Entertainment distributor): "FDM 4605036xxx1" (LP), "FDM 4605036xxx2" (CD), "FDM 4605036xxx9" (DVD).
2009– (Sony Music distributor): "(FDM) 4605036xxx1" (LP), "(FDM) 4605036xxx2" (CD).

French market - Phonographic copyrights own by other labels/companies:
1979 (Discodis distributor): "FDM 70xxx" (7”), "FDM 70xxx" (LP).

European market:
1978–1980: "FDM 8xxx" (7”), "FDM 12.8xxx" (12”), "FDM 84xxx" (LP).
1980: "FDM 9xxx" (7”).
1981: "FDM 11xx" (7”), "FDM-85xxx" (LP).
1987: "FDM 7xxx" (7”), "FDMD 127xxx" (12”).
1990: "FDM 8xxx" (7’), "FDMCD 8xxx" (CD single).

Parent Label:Francis Dreyfus Music
Sublabels:Birdology, Dreyfus Jazz, Eden Roc, Les Disques Motors, Shuga
Contact Info:

Francis Dreyfus Music / BMG Rights Management (France)
5 rue de Castiglione
75001 Paris - France
Tel: +33 1 53 81 40 00
Fax: +33 1 53 81 40 10
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