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German music mastering and media manufacturing (broker) company in Hamburg.
Incorporated: 22 Sept. 93. Registered: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 53846.

How to identify M&S mastering:
Usually Tom Meyer is credited on the release itself.
Please use "Mastered At - Master & Servant" & "Mastered By - Tom Meyer (+ANV)"

How to identify M&S job IDs in the vinyl runouts:
1993 - 2003: M&S (often in combination with SST Brüggemann GmbH and/or Optimal Media engineer signatures and/or job IDs - credit companies and engineers accordingly)
2003 - today: YMS #### (e.g. YMS 1600) - the 4 digits represent a unique, sequential order number, assigned by M&S to their own vinyl productions and can be added as LCCN number (often in combination with Optimal engineer signatures, job IDs and/or geometric plating markers - credit companies and engineers accordingly).

Please use "Manufactured By - Master & Servant" or "Manufactured By - Master & Servant YMS ####"

In general all cutting and pressing is outsourced to Optimal Media GmbH, unless a customer chooses their own cutting studio.

Contact Info:

MASTER & SERVANT Produktion und Distribution von Datenträgern GmbH.
Schlachthofstrasse 36 B
21079 Hamburg
Telefon:040-25 60 44
Telefax: 040-25 60 56
Email: info(at)master-and-servant(dot)de


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