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Actually appears as "Profile" only. May also appear as "Profile Records Ltd" on some UK releases.
Profile was one of the earliest hip-hop labels which also released disco, dance, and electro records. The label was founded in New York City in 1981 by Steve Plotnicki and Cory Robbins. Over the years Profile acquired many smaller record labels under their Profile Associated Labels umbrella imprint. Releases on Profile Associated usually occur in a label's later releases and catalog numbers on these releases start with PAL.
Promotion for the label was handled in the 1980s by Manny Bella (urban) and Claudia Cuseta (dance).
Cory Robbins left the label in 1995 and founded Robbins Entertainment. Steve Plotnicki remained with the label unti he decided to sell it in 1997. After a fierce bidding war between Tommy Boy Music and BMG's Arista Records, the latter won, and what was in print at the time was reissued with new BMG catalog numbers. Some new product was released since then, but it was eventually shut down by its new parent and its artists became Arista artists, but were eventually dropped by the label anyway. The offices that it occupied were once those of Koch Records.
Also known as just Profile.
For companies, see Profile Records Ltd. (UK) or Profile Records, Inc. (US)

Parent Label:Arista
Sublabels:Another Planet Records (2), Blue Chip Records (2), City Street Records, Invasion Recordings, Mr. Magic's Rap Attack, Orphan Records, Park Place Records, Rock Hotel Records, Sea Bright Records, Sm:)e Communications, ...
Contact Info:

1981 to 1984:
250 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10107

1984 to 1986:
1775 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
USA (Contact info now obsolete)

1986 to 1998:
740 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
USA (Contact info now obsolete)

1998 to 2004:
250 W. 57th St.
Ste. 1201
New York, NY 10019

c/o RCA Records
Sony Music Entertainment
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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