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Please note, this is not the same thing as "E.M.I. Records" or EMI Records Ltd. which did not operate under that name until 1973. Controlled by Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI), E.M.I. Records (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.) (until 1965 the Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd.) should be entered as E.M.I. Records and The Gramophone Co. Ltd.. Also, An E.M.I. Recording does not refer to this company, and should be entered as EMI under Record Company.

Established in 1956 to head the record division of Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) to which the various label companies reported. E.M.I. Records Limited also handled manufacturing and distribution. In 1965 E.M.I. Records Limited, The Parlophone Co. Ltd. and Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. were merged into The Gramophone Co. Ltd. (which subsequently took over the role as the principal company behind the record division). Within this period (1965 - 1973) "E.M.I. Records (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.)" often appears on releases (and official company docs) - "E.M.I. Records" being the trading name of The Gramophone Co. Ltd.

From 1965 through to 1973 it existed as a licensing company only. It was fully absorbed into The Gramophone Co. Ltd. in mid-June 1973 before The Gramophone Co. Ltd. was renamed as EMI Records Ltd. on 1 July of that year.

Parent Label:The Gramophone Co. Ltd.
Sublabels:E.M.I. Sampler Record, Your Kind Of Music
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