Universal Music & Video Distribution, Inc.


Universal Music & Video Distribution, Inc. was Universal Music Group's US distribution company active under this name from 1996-1999. In December 1996 it was renamed from Uni Distribution Corp. (1997 in California). The company was merged with PolyGram Group Distribution, Inc., soon after renamed Universal Music & Video Distribution, Corp.

Universal Music & Video Distribution, Inc. ran a CD manufacturing plant in Pinckneyville, IL from 1996 onwards, prior to which the plant was run by predecessor Uni Distribution Corp. as UNI (8). In 1999 the company went into a joint venture with Panasonic Disc Services Corporation (PDSC), a subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Ind. Co., Ltd., to install DVD manufacturing capabilities at the Pinckneyville CD plant, which then continued operations as Matsushita Universal Media Services.

Listed on some releases as "Universal Music and Video Distribution, Inc."

Corporate chronology:
NY Company number: 47415
Registered: 11 August 1934 as Decca Distributing Corporation
First name change: 2 March 1970 to MCA Distributing Corporation
Second name change: 13 November 1990 to Uni Distribution Corporation
Third name change: 28 March 1994 to Uni Distribution Corp.
Fourth name change: 9 December 1996 - this page
Dissolved: 15 September 1999 (merged)

CA Company number: 0159679 (branch of NY company)
Registered: 30 August 1934 as 'Decca Distributing Corporation'
First name change: 13 March 1970 to 'MCA Distribution Corporation'
Second name change: 20 December 1990 to 'Uni Distribution Corporation'
Third name change: 16 May 1994 to 'Uni Distribution Corp.'
Fourth name change: 6 June 1997 - this page
Dissolved: 1 December 1999

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Contact Info:

Universal Music and Video Distribution, Inc.
10 Universal City Plaza, 4th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608


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