Digital Audio Disc Corp.


September 21, 1984 - April 2004

Digital Audio Disc Corporation was the first company to manufacture CDs in USA. It was established as a joint partnership by Sony and CBS in 1983.
It refers to two North American plants that were called Digital Audio Disc Corporation (DADC, Terre Haute, Indiana and Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman)

CD production began in Terre Haute on September 21, 1984.
Sony acquired CBS' share of the company in October 1985, and after purchasing Columbia Records from CBS in 1988 they took over Columbia Record's Pitman plant, which had pressed vinyl since 1960.

CD production in Pitman started the same year (1988), until the facility was closed on March 31, 2011.

In April 2004, Sony Disc Manufacturing and Sony DADC unified worldwide production under the name Sony DADC, except in Japan (Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.)

Later use as DADC
Images with ® (1980s-'90s) or without ® (later)...

In 1988 codes were extended to have six digits, any leading zero in front of DIDX/DIDP codes (ie: DIDX 00nnnn) on CD face implies date can't be earlier than 1988.

Hub text such as "Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®" can be interpreted as Pressed By - Digital Audio Disc Corp.
If present, enter the mould stamp in BAOI as Matrix / Runout, as follows:
- Made In USA-Digital Audio Disc Corp. ['D' logo]®
- Made In USA☆Digital Audio Disc Corp. ['D' logo]®

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