Dicentia (stylized as d:centia) is a multimedia manufacturer currently operating in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Dicentia A/S was founded in 2005 out of the merger of SDC (3) (Scandinavian Duplicating Center) and DCM Sweden (Digital Communication Media). Since February 2006 it included Tocano (Tocano/Toft & Fischer A/S).
They also had an office in Finland from 2005 to 2009.

In May 2008, Dicentia acquired a DVD manufacturing plant in Dassow, Germany from the insolvent ODS Optical Disc Service. Several months later Dicentia was ordered to cease DVD production in the plant due to patent infringement. Following this, in December 2008 Dicentia filed for bankruptcy and in January 2009 the Danish and in March the Norwegian and Swedish operations were aquired by Replicateur.

If there is a sequential number found starting with A0 (e.g. A0101837096-0101) in the matrix, this disc was actually manufactured by Sony DADC on behalf of Dicentia.
Enter as follows to LCCN:
Manufactured By = Dicentia
Glass Mastered At = Sony DADC A0101837096-0101 (as an example).

Also appears as dcentia in the matrix > Example

Sublabels:Dicentia Denmark A/S, Dicentia Finland Oy, Dicentia Norway AS, Dicentia Sweden AB, Toft & Fischer A/S , ,


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