Avast! Recording Co.

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Seattle based recording facilities run by Stuart Hallerman.

Also referred to as:
- Avast Studios, Sea., WA, USA
- Avast! (Seattle)
- Avast Recording, Seattle, WA
- Avast II
- Avast Sound
- Avast, Seattle

Initially located at 1325 N, 46th St. and active as of 1990, the so called "Avast! Classic" studio was shut down in 2008. The present 70's studio was set up in 2005 at 601 NW, 80th St. and features two separate units: Studios A & B.
See also: Ironwood Studios.
Note: To be used for "Avast" and any variation thereof.

Contact Info:

601 NW 80th St.
Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 633-3926


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