APB Music Co. Ltd.


British, independent publishing company (legally incorporated as 'A.P.B. Music Co. Ltd.'). Operating under this name from from 2 February 1979 to 7 September 1988. The company was renamed Fiction Songs Ltd. on this date. Owned by Chris Parry.

Mostly associated with releases from The Cure and The Associates. Also appears as "A.P.B. Music Comp. Ltd."

Full legal entity name: A.P.B. Music Co. Limited
UK Company number: 01285030
Incorporated: 4 November 1976 as 'Swingdene Limited'
First name change: 2 February 1979 - this page
Second name change: 7 September 1988 to 'Fiction Songs Limited'

Sublabels:A.P.B. Music, APB Music
Contact Info:

Registered address.
A.P.B. Music Co. Limited
9 Queen Anne Street,
London, W1M 0BQ


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