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The record label of the Alida Star studios, of Syston, Leicestershire. Opinions differ as to what the label was actually called - the logo just has 'Cottage' on it, while the 'ASC' prefix suggests 'Alida Star Cottage'. Most of the few records on the label were LPs, but there was at least one 7" record: an EP by Country singer Don Woods, featuring 'Don't Tear Down The Pedestal', 'Love Beyond Compare'. There is some doubt as to whether Alida Star / Cottage was a custom recording concern or a bona fide label. The material on the Don Woods EP and on the Heidelbergers' 'Nottingham Bier Keller' LP (ASC-107510) hints at the former, but cult Folk band Spriguns Of Tolgus are said to have been signed to the label for their now hugely-collectable 'Jack With A Feather' LP (ASC-7755), and Folk singer Rosie Hardman is reported to have been unhappy with the cover which the company provided for her album 'Jersey Burger' (ASC-7754), which suggest that Alida Star may have actually issued records, not just made them.

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