Quad Recording Studios


Famed recording studio in the heart of Times Square, Manhattan, NYC. Opened in 1977. Legal name: Quadrasonic Sound Systems Inc. Trade name: Quad Recording. The New York studio purchased the Nashville studio Quad Studios in 1999.

Also appears as :
- Quad Studio
- Quad Studios
- Quad Studios, NYC
- Quad Sounds
- Quad Recording
- Quad Recordings

Previously known as : Quadrasonic Studio

Engineers known to have worked here:
- Rick Slick
- Jim Lyons

Contact Info:

Quad Recording Studios NYC
723 7th Avenue - 10th floor
New York City
NY 10019
Tel: (212) 730-1035
E-Mail: [email protected]

Booking Manager: David "Roz" Rosner - [email protected]
Owners: Ricky Hosn and Alessio Casalini , Facebook , Instagram ,


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