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Europe Optical Disc was a Dutch CD, CD-ROM and CDV manufacturer that was founded in the summer of 1987 in Tilburg and began manufacturing in May 1988. It was owned by the Optical Data Storage Company (ODSC). Usually identified by the presence of "EOD" in the disc matrix.

Please use Manufactured by or Made by in the LCCN section, when this is mentioned on the release, most often on the disc label. Please also add Pressed by when there is "EOD" in the disc matrix, except those with an imprint pointing to another plant, for example x-x-x-NL which was used for pressings done at EMI Uden. Keep in mind that locating the pressing plant without IFPI codes is always a bit guessing.

Glassmasters were done at other plants, for example:
- If you find "CDTxx" in the matrix, please add "Glass Mastered At" CDT Berlin (example: BZN - It Happened 25 Years Ago)
- If you find "BODxx" in the matrix, please add "Glass Mastered At" BOD Berlin Optical Disc (example: BZN - Che Sarà)
- If you find "CDMAx" or "CDMxx" in the matrix, please add "Glass Mastered At" CDM (10) (Malmö, Sweden) (example: BZN - Yeppa)
For more info see plant's profiles. The label, or client, EOD operated for, are often also mentioned in the matrix, for example: EMI, CNR, PHON (=Phonogram), BMG, ARC (=Arcade), PLD (=Polydor). CD's do not have a unique / sequential company number (like other plants) that can be added as LCCN number.

By 1991, Europe Optical Disc became part of DOCdata. In the 1990s, it was a tradingname of Optical Media Manufacturers (OMM) B.V. Around 1998 the name "Europe Optical Disc" was replaced by "DOCdata Benelux". Eventually, in 2002/3 the company OMM B.V. was renamed to DOCdata Benelux B.V.

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Europe Optical Disc
Dr. Paul Jansenweg 140
5026 RH Tilburg
The Netherlands

Tel: 013-5437437
Fax: 013-4685488


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