Ibiza Records


From London, England during the very early 1990's. It was owned by Paul Chambers (Brother of vocalist, Bryan Chambers) otherwise known as Paul Ibiza, a rave promoter (Fantastic Ibiza, Ibiza, Jungle Splash) and soon record producer credited for inventing the Jungle sound.

Later had several other off-shoot labels including 3rd Party and Kemet when several artists set up their own labels. Paul Ibiza now runs his own production company called Jungle Music Vision, producing low budget broadcast-quality music videos. Paul has recently teamed up as the manager of MC Shabba D and runs the Highly Blessed Recordings label and the infamous "MC Convention" which has been running successfully for the last 3 years.

Sublabels:Box Base Recordings, Future Sounds, Hard Plastic Recordings, Highly Blessed Recordings, Jungle Nation, Jungle Splash Productions, Limited E Edition, Rocktechno, Three Lions Recordings


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  • Hest0n's avatar
    The production quality was quite poor, but the choons where good
    • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
      When it comes to Jungle Techknow... We have it! .
      • tranzyd's avatar
        I wish they would put out a CD compilation unmixed of all early releases, preserve my vinyl and lossless files, hum that would be great
        • Dennean's avatar
          Edited 10 years ago
          The label started to settle into its own sound around the 4th release. The first releases displayed the signature rawness but not the production standard that can be heard on the following releases. This label is responsible for bringing some seminal classics, and its catalogue documents the journey of the hardcore sound from 1991 through to its amalgamation into Jungle in the mid 90's and beyond.
          • stringz23's avatar
            Early stuff rootsy and raw and not really very good but birth's aren't pretty and this is pretty much where jungle came from.