Duophonic GbR

Duophonic GbR

Duophonic is a full-service media provider based in Augsburg, Germany. The company became Duophonic GmbH on May 29th, 2015.

When credited as DUOPHONIC.DE or www.duophonic.de in the CD matrix or vinyl runout please credit Duophonic.de instead of this page.

Vinyl sometimes has "duo200YXXXX" in the vinyl runouts. The first 4 numbers indicate the year, starting in 2005.
Please credit Duophonic GbR as follows:
Lacquer Cut By - Duophonic GbR + the Duophonic number (e.g. duo20111576).

The records can also have been cut by the owner, Moritz Illner. In this case the initials "MI" appear in matrix on both sides, which can be easily mistaken as "MD".
Parent Label:
Contact Info:
Duophonic GmbH
Ravenspurgerstraße 41 (Back building)
86150 Augsburg